How To Develop A Child's IQ During Infancy

How To Develop A Child's IQ During Infancy

From the moment a child is born up to the age of four, the brain capacity develops exponentially and after that time, neurological growth is gradual and consistent. Developing your child’s IQ during infancy can be stimulated by a few of the very simple and easy processes. Exposing the child to images and words daily can work wonders for her. In this article, we will talk about how to boost an infant’s IQ.

Some parents believe that children can’t learn much until they are about six or seven years of age but this is also a wrong notion. Infants from 2-3 months to 1.5 years of age can learn faster than adults think, and they are quick to grab information. How then do you then develop a child’s IQ during infancy at a point when even her speech function is still underdeveloped?

How To Boost An Infant’s IQ

Here are a few effective tips and tricks on how to boost an infant’s IQ.

#1. Read Books To Your Baby

Verbal and linguistic intelligence starts to build at a very early stage in the child’s life. So it is never too early to read her a book once in a while. You may choose to read her a story from a kid’s storybook or even a news story from a tabloid. You may think yourself silly but you aren’t. Reading and understanding words pose much of a challenge to the brain than recognizing symbols, and if your infant is exposed to words at an early stage. It will further improve her literacy level later in life. Listening to words also contributes significantly to verbal fluency, spelling, and knowledge in general.

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#2. Singing Is Stimulating

Humans are attracted to pleasant sounds regardless of their ages. Infants are also attracted to lovely sounds like everyone else but when the sound is coming from the parent (especially the mother) singing is bliss. Babies recognize their mothers which is why oftentimes when they are crying uncontrollably, only their mothers can calm them down. Your infant recognizes you through scent, heartbeat and most especially, your voice. Singing regularly to your child will not only increase the bond between both of you, but it will also improve her hearing function and IQ.

#3. Cuddle Your Little One Regularly

Never underestimate the power of physical touch as far as IQ development is concerned. Cuddling your infant regularly elicits a feeling of safety. Establishing a sense of security will make the baby comfortable enough to want to interact with the physical world around her. If she is open to new external experiences, her IQ will develop as a direct consequence.

#4. Praise Your Baby’s Little Efforts

Infants are born with the desire to please their parents. All the ‘oos’ and ‘ahs’ that you utter when your baby responds, or turns, or smiles, act as an encouragement for the little one. So clap your hands frequently, exclaim more often in response to every little effort and even though your baby does not understand language yet, praise her often. It is a great way to instill self worth from the start. A smile, a tender pat on her back, rubbing of her head or even a kiss is enough reward for your bundle. A well-encouraged baby always learns better.

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#5. Believe In Her

You think it is too soon to think that way when your baby is well, just a baby? Actually it is not. If you want to develop your child’s IQ during infancy you need to have faith in your little one’s abilities. Babies who sense fear in parents never try out new things as early as those whose parents are filled with confidence. Parents need to also communicate that belief through subtle ways. Your words, thoughts, and actions have a huge impact on the life of your child.

#6. Count Aloud

Do you want your little one to grab the concept of numbers at an early age? Try counting aloud once in a while. You can start by counting her fingers and toes then after a while, counting objects that she can see and touch. Before you know it, she will be counting along with you or on her own.

#7. Let Her Make A Choice

Your infant is human and has a choice. That she can’t communicate it yet with words doesn’t mean she is choice-less. Cut her some slack sometimes and let her choose the books you read to her or the objects she plays with. Place more than one toy or storybook in front of her, and you will be amazed to see that she prefers one option over the others.

Developing your child’s IQ is not rocket science but a gradual and painstaking process. You don’t have to wait until she gets into school before you start taking her IQ development seriously. Right from when she is just a few months old, you can begin to expose her to objects and verbal communication that will increase her level of awareness and boost her cognitive capabilities. All you have to do as a parent is to be consistent in your engagement with the child and to trust the growth process and all will be well.

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