How I Saved My Baby From Eczema - Mom Story

How I Saved My Baby From Eczema - Mom Story

Arghyasree was leading a blissful life with her husband and baby in the mountains. Her husband’s transfer from Kausani to Noida, brought along challenges for which she was not prepared. As Arghyasree struggled to help her baby recover from skin rashes, she found the problem could have been much bigger!

When my baby was 1 year old, my husband, who works in the armed forces, got transferred from a small hill station, Kausani, to Delhi. Since we were looking for a place with a lot of greenery around, we decided to stay in Noida. Soon, we got a house of our choice and eventually started settling down. 2 years that we had spent in the hill station were great, both for me and for my baby. During my entire pregnancy I didn’t face a single skin or hair related issue and even my newborn baby had no skin issues ever. I used normal baby care products for my baby and used to feel blessed that my baby had such beautiful and problem-free skin.

My Happiness Was Short lived

Although the house we got was a beautiful one and there was plenty of greenery around, I started facing a lot of problems. It began with my baby. She started getting skin rashes. I discovered that while giving her a bath, washing the soap off from her skin was not easy. I would keep trying to rinse the soap, but I could always feel that the soapy feeling was just not going. With time, her skin condition grew worse. I tried changing her soap, moisturizer but nothing really seemed to help.

Danger Was Lurking In The Bathroom

That’s when I decided to visit a pediatrician. I informed my doctor that she had no such issues till we were in Kausani. On learning this, he asked me to get a water quality test done at my house. He mentioned that hard water is a common problem in cities and affects not only babies but also adults. With babies, the situation can get worse and cause eczema.

That very day I went back and searched online for Water Quality test. I booked a free KENT water test and the results were shocking, they told me the hardness of water was 800 mg per litre whereas it should normally be 300 mg per litre. They pointed out to all the whitish deposits/scaling on my bathroom floor and in the buckets, which had formed due to hard water! I actually felt scared and concerned as a mother that I was giving my baby a bath with water of such quality.

Solution To Hard Water I Found

The KENT service personnel then advised me to start using a KENT Water Softener meant for bathroom, which uses ion exchange to convert hard water into soft. I spoke to my husband and he immediately agreed.
The Bathroom Water Softener was installed the very next day and since then it’s been a big relief. The first time I used this water after installing the softener, I could feel the difference. The soap which I applied on my daughter’s skin, could be washed off easily. Also, the water felt fresh like how it felt in Kausani. In a week’s time, my daughter’s rashes started to subside.

I Learnt The Hard Way But You Can Be Prepared

Based on my experience, I would like to advise all mothers out there, if your child is repeatedly suffering from skin irritation, rashes and eczema, please do get the water quality of your home checked. A baby’s skin is very soft, sensitive and delicate. While we ensure everything is safe for our baby from food to clothing, we tend to overlook the bathing water. But don’t! When it comes to our little ones, ignorance can be dangerous. Always try and use soft water for your baby’s skin to keep it soft and healthy.

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