How I Keep My Baby’s Skin Healthy and Rash Free

How I Keep My Baby’s Skin Healthy and Rash Free

As someone who lives in one of the hottest cities in India, I have been an avid supporter of wet wipes for many years. In fact, I can’t think of the last time I have left home without a pack of wet wipes in my bag.

During my entire pregnancy, I used to take a half an hour walk every day. The feeling of clothes being stuck to my growing body, my swollen feet, the feeling of nausea during the first few months, breaking into a sweat with every step I took didn’t make my walks the most enjoyable ones, but a bottle of water and a packet of wet wipes with me is what kept me going.

When I would buy myself a new pack, I would look out for wipes for my baby as well. I knew that I couldn’t use the same wipes for my baby as I use for myself. After talking to a few other moms, I finally chose one for my baby from a leading brand.


My pregnancy went by slowly but it was a wonderful experience. It was a hot day when my daughter finally came into this world. It was a feeling I still can’t put into words and it was overwhelming to say the least. Taking care of my baby and her soft and delicate skin came almost naturally to me, I suppose it does for every mother.

I made sure I only used the safest products for my baby’s skin, after all I had heard of many skin-related problems in babies, especially the problem of diaper rashes from many moms.

I chose cloth diapers for my baby based on recommendations and made sure I give my baby ample diaper-free time too. I knew that if I kept her in a diaper for too long, it could cause rashes. For the first few weeks, things were going smoothly.


After every diaper change, I would clean my daughter properly with wet wipes first, lukewarm water and soap and pat her dry. Once dry, I would apply a small amount of rash cream and put her in a diaper again.

One night she woke up crying and continued to cry for a very long time. She refused to be breastfed and I kept wondering what had gone wrong, why my baby was in pain. I slowly looked at all of her body parts, but there seemed to be no wound.

I massaged her stomach as I thought maybe she was crying because of colic, I even checked her temperature but it was normal. Then, I took off her diaper to check if she had rashes. It seemed like overnight she had developed many rashes around her diaper area and her thighs.


I immediately cleaned her with baby wipes, applied rash cream and put her to sleep. But for the next week, the rashes just kept increasing. From all my online research and talking to other moms, I had a huge feeling that rashes were caused by wet and soiled diapers.

Perhaps in my daughter’s case, it could be the diaper I had chosen for her. It could have also been due to rubbing and chafing from diapers, or because of the baby products that I was using on her, or it could just be because she had sensitive skin.

To rule all problems out, I switched to different diapers, and avoided using baby products besides a rash cream. When nothing helped, I consulted my daughter’s pediatrician.


She asked me if my baby had diarrhea because even frequent bowel movements could be a cause. When I told her that there were no such issues, she asked me to just continue applying the rash cream but it never healed.

One day, my intuition spoke to me. You know how they say that a mother’s gut is never wrong, well, I experienced this. It suddenly struck me that the wipes I was using for my baby was perhaps the root of all these rashes. So, I switched to Luvlap Baby Wipes and I couldn’t believe it. Within two days of the switch, my baby’s rashes started fading away and within a week, it disappeared completely and the best part is, the rashes never came back.

It came as such a surprise to me that something as simple as wet wipes could cause such harm to a baby’s skin. Since that day, I have only been trusting LuvLap wipes for my baby and I love how mild the fragrance is.


I love using Aloe vera based products for my own skincare and was very happy to know that LuvLap’s baby wipes are enriched with Aloe vera and Vitamin-E extracts. Aloe vera has antibacterial properties and helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. Vitamin E in the wipes helps to keep my baby’s skin moisturised for a very long time.

As you may already know, a baby’s skin is extremely delicate, thinner than an adult’s and is more prone to rashes, infections and allergies. This is why it is important to use wipes like LuvLap’s which is hypoallergenic and pH balanced as well. Also make sure that the wipes you choose for your baby are alcohol and paraben free and also dermatologically tested as safe for babies.

Now, before I buy or use any skincare product for my baby, I am extremely careful. I talk to many parents and medical experts for reviews and do my research well. This is how I make informed decisions and I urge you to do the same.


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