7 Effective Home Remedies To Stop Bedwetting In Kids

7 Effective Home Remedies To Stop Bedwetting In Kids

Bedwetting is a condition when kids old enough to control their bladder aren’t able to do so at night. It is normal for kids under 5, but it becomes an issue when it comes to kids who are above the age of 5. Bedwetting can be extremely embarrassing and anxiety inducing for kids. It becomes all the more shameful for your child as there is no proper information available to them about it. Parents must talk to their kids about it to avoid building up of guilt. There are various kinds of treatments available for it like motivational therapy, bladder training and behavioural conditioning. However there are simple kitchen ingredients which are really effective when it comes to providing solutions for bedwetting.

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Bedwetting In Kids

#1. Massage With Olive Oil

Take a few drops of warm olive oil and massage your child’s lower abdomen for 2-3 minutes regularly to strengthen the muscles of the urinary tract.

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#2. Walnuts

Eating walnuts is an effective measure to reduce the frequency of bedwetting in children. Having walnuts in the evening or before going to bed at night can help to get rid of the problem of bedwetting.

#3. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is effective for problems related to bladder and urinary tract. Taking a cup of cranberry juice 1 hour before going to bed can do wonders to solve bedwetting problem.

#4. Amla

Deseed amla and ground it to create a pulpy texture. Take 2 spoons of this pulp and add black pepper to it. Giving this mixture to your child before sleeping can immensely help in providing a solution for bedwetting.

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#5. Jaggery

Jaggery helps in providing warmth to your child which helps in case the child wets their bed due to cold. Give jaggery to your kid every morning with a glass of warm milk to reduce bedwetting.

#6. Honey

Honey can absorb moisture and help the child to hold a full bladder until morning. Mix 1 spoon of honey in a cup of cold milk along with laddus made of jaggery and sesame seeds.

#7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a helpful kitchen ingredient which reduces the problem of bedwetting in children. It provides warmth to our body. Giving a piece of cinnamon to your child to chew or using cinnamon powder as a spread on bread along with sugar will minimize bedwetting.

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There are other things which should also be kept in mind when handling bedwetting issues:

  • Appreciate your kid on days when they do not wet their bed.
  • Talk to your kid regarding bedwetting instead of making them feel ashamed of it.
  • Reduce fluid intake after 8 pm at night.
  • Maintain your kid’s habit of urinating before going to bed.

However, you must consult a doctor once, if your child is about 8-10 years old and is still used to bedwetting. Taking proper treatment at the right time can help your child to get rid of this problem and save him from embarrassment or guilt.

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