Effective Home Remedies To Increase Your Kid's Appetite

Effective Home Remedies To Increase Your Kid's Appetite

For all parents, making sure that their kids are eating well is extremely important. In the growing years, you do not want them to have any issues related to nutrient deficiencies. However, your child’s appetite may not be good enough, making them fussy with each meal. This can be frustrating for you and you may often run out of ideas to make food fun and interesting. You may try these simple home remedies to increase appetite.

You will see that, sometimes, the reason for not eating well could be more than just having food preferences or choices.

Causes Of Loss Of Appetite

Before you try to incorporate new changes in your child’s diet or use any home remedy to improve his or her appetite, it is a good idea to understand why your child does not eat well. The cause for poor appetite will help find the perfect solution to this problem. Here are some common causes for loss of appetite in children:

#1. Illnesses

If your child has any health issue like cold and cough or even digestive issues, he or she may not be eating well. This loss of appetite is temporary and will be restored when your child recovers.

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#2. Stress

Children experience stress too. Be it constant fights with siblings or issues like bulling at school, find out possible causes for stress in your child to help him or her eat better.

#3. Constipation

If your child’s bowel movements are irregular, it can lead to poor appetite. Your kids’ appetite can be restored by making necessary lifestyle and food changes if you notice this issue.

#4. Too many snacks

If you are constantly giving your child snacks in between meals, he or she is likely to have trouble when it comes to eating the main meals. This also includes the use of too many packaged juices or sugar-rich drinks in between meals.

#5. Being sedentary

Make sure that your child is active and is not spending too much time just sitting around the house. If the child is not active, no amount of home remedies for kids appetite will be able to help him or her.

#6. Lack of nutrients

If there are any nutritional gaps in your child’s diet and he or she is unable to get certain nutrients like zinc, appetite will be affected.

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Home remedies to increase appetite

There are some quick home remedies for kids appetite that you can try to improve digestion and consequently improve your child’s appetite as well. These home remedies to increase appetite can be prepared with easily available ingredients and are extremely effective.

#1. Ginger and Coriander Concoction

To make this concoction, you can use both powdered coriander and ginger or even fresh ginger and coriander. Boil grated ginger and chopped coriander in a cup of water or just add the powders to hot water. You must use coriander and ginger in a ratio of 5:1. Boil the water till it reduces to half and give the residue to the child. Ginger is a well-known appetite booster. Coriander, on the other hand, is known to improve the digestive system and the immune system of the child. This prevents health issues that can lead to loss of appetite as well.

#2. Lemon and Vinegar Syrup

Add ½ teaspoon of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup boiled in ½ liter of water to ½ liter of lemon juice. Store this concoction in an airtight container and give your child 2 tablespoons each day. You must give your child this syrup twice each day for best results. Lemon juice is a natural appetite booster. You can also add it to salads and other foods regularly to improve the child’s appetite. The ingredients in this concoction improve digestion and prevent issues like constipation that are the common causes of reduced appetite in children.

#3. Appetite Boosting Spices

Try to include appetite boosting spices like fenugreek, fennel, carom seeds or cumin seeds in your daily cooking to see significant changes in your child’s diet. These spices have several health benefits that can improve appetite. To begin with, they improve the metabolism of your child’s body. As a result, he or she will require more calories and will, therefore, feel hungrier too. These spices are extremely useful in improving digestion in children which will also lead to a better appetite. In addition to this, they help in the production of hunger inducing hormones in the body.

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#4. Pomegranate Juice

Add one teaspoon of honey to pomegranate juice to prepare a healthy and tasty drink for your child. It is best to use freshly extracted pomegranate juice if you want faster results. Pomegranate is loaded with necessary antioxidants. It also contains several nutrients that can help improve your child’s appetite. This rejuvenating drink boosts your child’s appetite faster than any other home remedies for kids appetite.

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