Top 7 Home Remedies For Open Pores On Face

Top 7 Home Remedies For Open Pores On Face

Is your skin prone to acne? The biggest culprits when it comes to any acne or inflammation in your skin are open pores. And, when you leave them unattended for a long time, they continue to enlarge and collect oil and dirt. The result is painful and unpleasant acne. The good news is that there are simple and pocket-friendly home remedies for open pores on face that are extremely effective, too.

Home Remedies For Open Pores On Face

Here are some great home remedies that work effectively to reduce open facial pores. Give them a try for evident results with time:

#1. Milk Of Magnesia

Do you think that milk of magnesia is only effective against digestive issues? Well, think again. Milk of magnesia, which is very easily available over the counter at any medical store, is one of the simplest and most effective remedies against open pores. Apply it directly on your skin and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Then, wash it off with cold water for visibly smaller pores.

How This Works: Milk of magnesia is able to absorb any oil and impurities from your skin. This shrinks the pores quickly.

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#2. Tomato And Chamomile

This is a lesser known combination that is extremely effective on open facial pores. All you need is the pulp of tomatoes and a chamomile tea bag. Extract some chamomile tea and milk it with the tomato pulp. Apply this onto your skin and let it stay for about 20-30 minutes. Then, wash it off with cold water and dab your skin dry.

How this works: Tomato is a very powerful astringent while chamomile tea works as a great antioxidant. Together, they are effective in removing oil and dirt from pores and also reducing any inflammation.

#3. Fenugreek, Cucumber And Ginger Pack

When you have this face pack ready, you do not have to spend on expensive exfoliates. Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight. Then, blend the seeds with some ginger and cucumber. You can even use fenugreek powder which is easily available at most grocery stores. Apply the pack and wash it off once it is dry.

How this works: Fenugreek and ginger work wonderfully as antibacterial ingredients. Cucumber, on the other hand, is great at reducing inflammation. They also tighten the skin around the pores and reduce them in size.

#4. Buttermilk And Salt

Mix in a pinch of salt with buttermilk. After the salt has dissolved completely, use a cotton ball to apply this mixture all over your face. Let your skin soak it all in for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

How this works: Buttermilk is one of the strongest astringents found naturally. It is also very effective in smoothing the skin and tightening it. Adding salt increases the antibacterial property, making this mixture very effective against open pores.

#5. Lettuce And Lemon

Good for salads, and even better for your skin. This is one of the most widely used combinations to help soothe acne and also prevent them in the first place. Extract some juice from lettuce and mix in a few drops of lemon juice. Using a cotton ball, apply this all over your skin and let it dry for 15 minutes before washing it off. Using the darker varieties of lettuce is more effective.

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How this works: Lettuce is very rich in antioxidants. This keeps your skin clean and free from dirt that may collect in the open pores, causing them to become bigger. Lemon is acidic in nature and is also a great astringent. This helps get rid of any oil or dirt in the pores and tightening the skin around them.

#6. Ice Cubes

For those who do not have the time to make face packs at home, this is a simple and effective remedy. You can apply ice directly on the pores. Just gently rub it over these pores for a few minutes. You can also wrap some ice cubes in a clean cloth and dab it over the pores. To make it even more effective, add a few drops of rose water and green tea to the water before making ice cubes.

How this works: When you apply ice cubes on the affected area, the blood circulation increases. This helps shrink the pores almost immediately.

#7. Honey And Oats

This is not just the perfect combination for a great batch of cookies. Honey and oats work very well together to keep your skin free from large pores. Powder a tablespoon of oats in a blender. Mix it with honey to make a paste. Apply this onto your skin and let it rest for a few minutes. Wash it off with some cold water.

How it works: Oats helps soak up all the excess oil from the pores, thereby reducing them in size. Honey works as an antibacterial agent that reduces infections and even inflammation, making your skin look smoother and cleaner.

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