Effective Home Remedies For C-Section Scars

Effective Home Remedies For C-Section Scars

If you’ve had a caesarean delivery, it is necessary to take care of yourself first. Of course, there is a baby to take care of but you definitely need help with your healing process. A C section scar is raised, discoloured and initially painful but fine after it heals. The C-section incision is about six inches long. Your doctor has to cut through your skin, fat and muscle. The stitches also take time to heal and care should be taken as to protect them from any kind of infection. A scar forms over the wound after it heals. Your scar may be thicker than the rest of your skin. It also might appear pink, red or shiny. Factors like your age, how long it takes to heal, and your genetics affect the wound healing of your C section scar. In this article, you can find easy home remedies for C-section scars.

Things to remember after a C-section delivery:

  • Keep your scars dry and clean.
  • Take a shower every day. It is a myth that you should not take a bath for a few days after a C-section to keep the area dry!
  • Do not scrub or use soap over your incision area. Just let the water run over it.
  • Pat the area dry gently with your towel. You can even cover the area with a maxi pad before a bath.
  • After you pat it dry you can use aloe vera gel or vitamin E to minimise the swelling and itching.

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Home Remedies For C-Section Scars

C-section scars won’t vanish overnight and for some, it may last their whole lives. However, it can be lightened to quiet an extent with these home remedies for C-section scars.

#1. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

The C section scar should be kept moist and covered. A number of chemical-based scar creams are available but petroleum jelly works very well. For itchy scars, petroleum jelly works wonders as it keeps the scar from getting too large, deep and even prevents the itching sensation. It’s also important to apply constant pressure to the scar with a bandage after you have applied the jelly. This helps keep the scar flat. But this step is optional.

#2. Vitamin E and Onion Extract

Both these ingredients help in reducing scar tissues which are a common scenario after a C-section delivery. They block the growth of scar tissues by preventing raised scars. A regular application of this also makes your scar less noticeable in time. You can buy normal Vitamin E capsules from a medicine shop and mix it with onion extract and apply this on your scar every day.

#3. Honey

Honey has been time and again proven to help with skin inflammation. Honey also prevents scars from getting raised. Honey is a natural healing ingredient but some researchers believe that honey may develop new tissue formation. So ask your doctor before applying honey on your scar.

#4. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a natural antioxidant. It not only helps in reducing the scars but also helps with the healing of the wound. Massaging a cocoa buttercream on to your scars and even stretch marks makes the scars less noticeable and also helps heal it faster.

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#5. Vitamin E Oil

As mentioned above, Vitamin E helps in healing of the scars. Vitamin E Oil massage helps to make the tissue soft and also heals the skin. This oil is not very sticky and can be used in all weathers.

#6. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera extract has been used since ancient times for healing purposes. The gel can be made at home by using the aloe vera leaves and extracts. Aloe Vera helps lighten the dark stitch marks that are shown after the C-section. It also soothes and provides relief from any kind of burning or itchy sensation you might feel on your scar.

#7. Lemon

Lemon has been used to lighten scars and marks. Thus lemon also works best if you have to lighten your C-section scar. But lemon, because it is citrus in nature, should be used only and only after your scar has completely healed and you feel no pain at all. The incision wound needs to be healed completely or else applying lemon will hamper the healing process.

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