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Tamanna. Baby: 0m - 3m > Baby Care

Hi mommies, This is the Home remedies Contest Thread!! Click on the Answer button below and mention your best Home remedy below. You can also upload a picture if you wish. The best 10 Home remedies will get a traditional recipe gift by MamaEarth! :

Sapna Sengar

Healthcare Specialist

My remidies are: Special tea for working ladies MASALA TEA : INGREDIENTS 4 cups water 1/2 tablespoon ground cardamom 5whole cloves 1cinnamon sticks 1 large piece ginger, candied or fresh, diced 1 teaspoon-1 tablespoon crushed black peppercorns 2 bay leaves/bassil 3spoon tea 3cups milk, hot 1/4 cup honey, or brown sugar. Just boil the masala in water 1st With ginger then when it boil add tea then milk.n take a sip in mud mug.its give relax? 2nd remidy Boil tulsi with water take it n give it to your babies also.its help in every situation 3rd is when some get cut in fingers n blood come out please immediately put that part under a good water flow. Blood stops automatically after some time. 4.if a mom get small burn in kitchen please put a colgate paste in kitchen n apply that in burn part on that time its give relax. Thankyou

Priyanka Verma Baby: 0m - 3m > Sponsored

Where can I get a good swimming costume for my child in Delhi?

Sonakshi Goel

Healthcare Specialist

Check firstcry, they have cute collection or you can even check baby moshai they also have got very good collection of costume

Misty Khanna Baby: 6m - 9m > Baby Care

which is the best massaging oil for babies in summer?

Navina Shetty

Healthcare Specialist


Priyanka Verma Baby: 0m - 3m > Child Growth

My son doesnot like to use a spoon while eating and gets very messy. How to teach table manners to him?

Sonakshi Goel

Healthcare Specialist

Take him for dining etiquette workshop after watching so many kids he will learn a lot.

Priyanka Verma Baby: 0m - 3m > Baby Health

My son is not eating food properly and complains of pain in the stomach. When pressed, I could feel something hard in his tummy. Should I just give him Colic aid or see a doctor?

Shweta Kholi

Healthcare Specialist

If it is happening from more then 2 days then definitely check with doctor otherwise give him roasted hing (asefoetida, ajwain and black salt. It will help a lot


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Food Chart for 6 months baby

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Deva J Ahuja

Mom of 2.5 year old girl

This is a beautiful website which helps mommies like me who have no support and are new to parenting! We love motherhood without any tension in mind with websites like this...Thank you Baby Destination team!

Priyanka Ajmani

Mom of 5 year old girl

The most trusted moms community with answers to all questions from pregnancy to motherhood.

Sheetal Kukreja

Mom of 9 year old boy

This is an amazing community for mom's like us...thanks for your efforts and meaningful info you give to your readers!

Priyanka Aggarwal

Mom of 4.5 year old girl

It's the best and most important reliable source of information for parenting.I personally believe Baby Destination is a GOD GIFT to all the parents.

Eram Mukhi

Mom of 2 year old baby

Baby Destination is a lifeline specially for new moms! Here we get natural home-made tips for baby, plus we discuss our query with other experienced moms so BD is like a simple and accessible resource where we can find out best and reliable tips from other moms. It also motivates mom to start ME time for themselves. In short, it's a complete and vital package for baby, moms and also would-be moms!