Gul Panang's Journey Towards Motherhood

Gul Panang's Journey Towards Motherhood

Former beauty queen Gul Panag who also donned the hats of an actor, politician, pilot, producer and biker married her friend Rishi Attari in 2011. The diva has successfully concealed a big news from public glare that she has given birth to a baby boy six months back, and just recently broke the news!! The baby is now 6 months old.

Gul broke the happy news with sharing a family picture of her in which the trio were wearing the uniforms of pilots. In her recent interview to a daily, the actress talked about her motherhood journey and her experience of having a baby. We too just can’t wait to find out how she got back her health within just three months of giving birth to her son.

Gul gave birth to baby Nihal at the age of 39 years! She also talked about her decision to become a mother at this age and said:

“I think having a baby is a very significant step in life, and like marriage, you should think it through carefully before committing to it. Have children when you are ready to welcome them and can raise them happily and responsibly, not when society says you must.”

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Gul says that the experience of being a mother has been like a roller coaster ride. Sharing her experience, she says:

“Rishi and I have always valued our privacy. Becoming parents is a special experience and we decided that we’d like to go through it without the distraction of public attention. Family and close friends knew about Nihal but we refrained from posting anything on the social media. He is almost six months old and it has been a roller coaster ride! I’m charmed by his gurgles and giggles even if it is a bit of a struggle with erratic sleep and feeding schedules. Life and goals are taking shape parallelly, with a little more coordination between Rishi and me to include Nihal.”

On choosing the name Nihal for her son, Gul says,

“Nihal means joy, success and victory that comes with the blessings of God. Rishi and I believe that leading principled, good lives leads to true and lasting success so the name resonated with us.”

Every woman needs family support around her at this time and Gul is no different. She says:

“Nothing prepares you for a baby but I’m grateful to my cousin Simran who’s been like a fairy godmother and guided me. We’re learning as parents and I think we’ll continue to do so till we’re old and grey.”

When quizzed about her diet during this time, Gul says she paid utmost attention on the aspects of diet and fitness during the maternity period and after giving birth to her little munchkin. She considers proper diet and fitness, a requirement for the well-being of a new mom. It shouldn’t be neglected in the face of physical demands of taking care of the baby.

“Nihal was born prematurely so I didn’t put on too much weight. Even though the pregnancy, I took care to eat healthy and have always been very active, so it was easy to get back to my workouts and shed the extra kilos.

Gul kept her baby secret to the world until he completed his first 6 months primarily because he was a preemie and she wanted to give her full attention to his care, away from media glare.

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Before choosing the beautiful phase of maternity, Gul also achieved her dream to become a pilot. The actress is known for her appreciable roles in movies like Dor, Dhoop, Manorama Six Feet Under, Hello and Ab Tak Chhappan 2. In fulfilling her dream, she says that her husband was instrumental,

“My husband helped me convert my dream into a goal. The emotions I felt when I took my first solo flight are inexpressible. The fact that only a few exclusive adventurers have the ability to fly is exciting.”

Gul has beautifully redefined the meaning of being a mother. She proved that age doesn’t matter when it comes to giving birth to a new life.

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