Government Schemes For Indian Women You Should Know About

Government Schemes For Indian Women You Should Know About

Under Article 15(3), the Constitution of India allows for positive discrimination in favor of women. Over the years, the Indian Government has introduced several schemes which help the citizens of this nation. Many of the schemes are for women. Many new schemes have been recently introduced as well for women which help them become financially independent and also to keep them safe and secure. Let's take a look at a few government schemes for women.

Government Schemes For Women That Every Woman Should Know 

There are so many government schemes for women that exist and we casually choose to not learn about them. Here are a few government schemes for women that we really ought to know:

#1. One Stop Centre Scheme

Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) had launched Centrally Sponsored Scheme for setting up One Stop Centres (OSC). This scheme is funded from Nirbhaya fund. The purpose of these OSCs is to provide integrated services for women affected by violence. The integrated services include police assistance, medical aid, psycho-social counselling, legal aid and counselling, temporary stay for 5 days etc. All this is provided under one roof to women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces.

#2. Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Scheme

This is a scheme of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas for providing LPG connections to women from Below Poverty Line (BPL) households. Under the scheme, five crore LPG connections are to be provided to BPL households. The identification of eligible BPL families will be made in consultation with the State Governments and the Union Territories. Release of LPG connection under this Scheme shall be in the name of the women belonging to the BPL family. Also read: How Will Indian Women Benefit From The Union Budget 2019-2020

#3. Swadhar Ghar Scheme

The scheme targets women victims of difficult circumstances- such women who are in need of institutional support for rehabilitation so that they could lead their life with dignity. It ensures that shelter, food, clothing, and health, as well as economic and social security, are assured for these women. It also envisions that under no circumstances these women should be left unattended or abandoned which could lead to their exploitation and desolation.

#4. STEP or Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women

The STEP Scheme aims to provide skills that give employability to women. It aims to provide competencies and skills that enable women to become self-employed/entrepreneurs. The Scheme is intended to benefit women who are in the age group of 16 years and above. The grant under the Scheme is given to an institution/ organisation including NGOs directly and not the States/ Union Territories.

#5. Mahila Shakti Kendra Scheme

This scheme is to empower rural women through community participation and to create an environment in which they realize their full potential. Setting up of “Mahila Shakti Kendra” is meant to provide “one stop convergent support services for empowering rural women with opportunities for skill development, employment, digital literacy, health and nutrition”. Also read: How To Start Investing For Kids

#6. Working Women’s Hostel Scheme

The objective of the scheme is to promote the availability of safe and conveniently located accommodation for working women. They are also provided with daycare facility for their children in urban, semi-urban, or even rural areas where employment opportunity for women exist. To provide safety for working women, a provision has been made to keep security guard and to install CCTV Cameras in Working Women Hostels. To provide quality of stay for working women, provision has been made in the Scheme guidelines to provide safe and affordable accommodation with clean and well-ventilated day care center for the children, medical first-aid and providing washing machines and geysers/solar water heating system.

#7. Nirbhaya Scheme

The government set up the Nirbhaya fund to finance various schemes for making public spaces safer for women and rehabilitation of victims of sexual assault and violence. The various schemes under the Nirbhaya fund are:
  • Introduction of the SOS buttons in phones
  • Introduction of SOS alert systems in trains through railway helplines
  • Installation of CCTV cameras and GPS in public transports
  • Setting up of Nirbhaya centres near Government hospitals in every district as first point of access for the victims
  • A programme names ‘Shubh’ for mapping and identifying areas and categories of women who need special protection.

#8. Mahila-E-Haat Scheme

Mahila-E-Haat is an initiative for meeting aspirations and needs of women entrepreneurs. It is an online marketing platform for women, where participants can display their products. It is an initiative for women across the country as a part of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Stand Up India’ initiatives. Provides an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to leverage technology for showcasing products and services made/manufactured/sold/ provided by them. Also read: 25 Essential Habits That Parents Should Teach Their Kids Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you