Good News is Gender Free - My Story

Good News is Gender Free - My Story

Every time we hear someone say “I have some good news” we immediately think of babies and our eyes scan their bellies. There is hardly any other way we think about it – good news is baby news.


However, most Indians simply do not stop there, especially people of the older generation, many of whom are steeped in superstition. They just have to spot a pregnant woman and their gender-identification radars become overactive. They have myriad, unique ways to tell a pregnant woman if she is expecting a son or daughter.

  • By the glow on her face
  • By the amount of weight she’s put on
  • By asking her if she’s experiencing excessive morning sickness
  • By the size of her pregnant belly
  • And even by the foods she’s craving.


When I was pregnant with my first and only born, I regarded these well-meaning people with amusement. They would routinely give me blessings to “be the mother of a boy”. One lady went so far as to suggest that if I was to have only one child, it would be better for me to have a boy because then it wouldn’t matter if I had another child and of what gender the second child was! All their theories were simple, boys carry their father’s name forward and care for their parents in their old age.


I pondered that logic. My son could live in any part of the world as an adult, so expecting him to care for me when I’m old seems a bit far fetched and like wishful thinking. My old age will also be his years to build his career and family and burdening him financially, emotionally and physically with my care will not just be wrong but selfish. What about those who have daughters who fortunately live nearby? Will they turn coldhearted and stop caring for their parents once married? What sort of logic is that?


On a lighter note, some parents-to-be want to find out the gender of the baby since they feel it makes it easier to prepare for the baby’s arrival. They just want to know if they should decorate the nursery in pink or blue, what colour clothes and what toys to buy? Frankly, these are frivolous worries because good news should be gender-free. Instead of wondering about the gender of the baby, do this instead:

Go with gender-neutral: If you are wondering what color to pick for your baby’s nursery or clothes, go with sunshine yellow or fresh green and if you aren’t able to pick just one color go with rainbow. A baby’s gender is one of life’s biggest surprises and don’t ruin it simply for the right shade of decor.


Healthy mom = Healthy baby: This saying could not be more true as nothing has a more direct impact on the baby’s health than the mother’s health. I concentrated on eating right, staying hydrated and keeping healthy and active. Unless otherwise advised by the doctor, pregnant women should stay active – not necessarily in the zumba doing, marathon running way, but by doing prenatal yoga, walking and not generally confining themselves to the bed. Pregnancy is a phase to celebrated.


My baby’s health: Focus on foods that will nourish the growing foetus and aid in it’s proper growth while pregnant. Eat foods which are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals and will aid a foetus’s heart, eye and brain development. At about 16 weeks, your baby should be able to hear outside sounds. You could read to them, play music and tell stories. While they won’t understand what’s going on, as the week’s progress you can surely feel your baby respond to the sound of your voice and music.


Stay positive: There is a lot to worry about when pregnant – is my baby growing well, is this food safe for me to eat, will I be a good mom? Excessive worrying will have a negative impact not only on your mental health but physical health too. Focus instead on reading parenting books to prepare yourself for the baby’s arrival, pampering yourself with relaxing spa and massages or maybe even going on a baby-moon.


The Gender of the baby is the last thing you should worry about when pregnant since having a healthy baby is always the most important goal. So next time any “aunty” approaches you with blessings of “be the mother of a boy”, speak up, politely ask for blessings for a healthy baby and a safe delivery instead and walk away.


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