Boy Or Girl - 8 Popular Pregnancy Gender Myths & Facts

Boy Or Girl - 8 Popular Pregnancy Gender Myths & Facts

Pregnancy brings with it many myths and facts and one of them is the gender of the baby. A pregnant woman keeps hearing things from friends and family like ‘you are going to have a baby girl because you are carrying high’ or ‘ oh, you are craving for namkeens, so you are going to have a baby boy’! Many a time the gender of the baby is also guessed on the basis of symptoms that the expecting mother is experiencing. But can anyone actually predict gender of the baby based on signs and symptoms? Well, that’s always been a debatable question. But let’s see what are the common pregnancy gender myths that one comes across during pregnancy.

Common Gender Myths And Facts During Pregnancy

#1. Myth – Carrying High or Carrying Low

According to dadis and nanis, if you are carrying high then it’s more likely that you are carrying a baby girl. On the other hand if you are carrying low then its a baby boy. So how true is this?

Fact: Whether a woman carries her baby high or low, actually depends on many factors like, her body type, how much weight she has gained, her fitness level, and her muscle type. It also depends on how active the mom is!

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#2. Myth – Severe Morning Sickness

It is said that mothers who have acute morning sickness are more likely to have baby girls.

Fact: Research has not been able to prove this. On the contrary, science and experience both says that, morning sickness varies from pregnancy to pregnancy and also from one mother to another. Many pregnant women face morning sickness in the first trimester of their pregnancy due to increase in hormones. It has nothing to do with carrying a baby boy or a baby girl.

#3. Myth – Salty Or Sweet 

During pregnancy different woman crave for different foods. Someone might be craving for ice cream in the middle of the night while others might be only wanting salty fries and chips. As per old wives tales, if a mom is craving for salty food, she is going to have a baby boy while if she is craving for sweet foods, she is going to have a baby girl.

Fact: As per research 50% to 90% of women experience pregnancy cravings at some point during their pregnancy. Fact is that their cravings are more related to the nutritional requirements of their body at that time, than the gender of the baby.

#4. Myth – Fetal Heartbeat

It is said that if your baby’s fetal heartbeat is more around 140 beats per minute, then its a baby boy. Baby girls are supposed to be having higher heart beats.

Fact: Research says there is actually not much difference between heartbeats of baby boys and baby girls. On the contrary, sometimes baby boys maybe having slightly higher heart beats than baby girls.

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#5. Myth – Extreme Mood Swings

While most women experience mood swings during pregnancy, while some might be experiencing more severe mood swings compared to others. As per old wives tales, if you are experiencing severe mood swings then it’s a cute little baby girl on the way.

Fact: Your moods swings are actually induced by the fluctuations of your hormonal levels during pregnancy. Hormonal levels rise and fall during pregnancy, irrespective of the gender of the baby.

#6. Myth – Hair And Skin

If pregnancy has brought that glow to your skin and your hair looks shiny and soft, then as per pregnancy myth, you should start thinking of decorating your room blue! It’s believed that a baby girl makes her mamma lose her glow and lusture while a baby books brings that shine back.

Fact: Reality is this that these changes solely depend on the pregnancy hormones. While some mommies might get that pregnancy glow , others might develop skin issues like acne and dull skin.

#7. Myth – Weight Gain Around The Middle

Fact: It’s said that if a to be mommy gains a lot of weight around her middle then she is going to have a baby girl. If the weight is all out in the front of the body then its a baby boy

Fact: Science doesn’t back up this myth. Where a woman will gain weight, will depend on her body structure and genetics.

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#8. Myth – Sleep Positions

As per dadis and nanis, if a mommy to be prefers to sleep on her left side, then it’s time to start planning for blue and if it’s the right side, then its all pink.

Fact: Which side you prefer to sleep, totally depends on where you get the utmost comfort and not on the gender of your baby! We all know it’s not easy to get a comfortable sleep during pregnancy with that bump and multiple trips to the washroom.

So, as you can see, at the end of the day even if you are able to guess your baby’s gender, it still just a guess! The truth is, you will have to wait for that big day to know for sure whether it’s going to be a cute little baby boy or a sweet little baby girl. Also while there is no harm in trying to guess your baby’s gender, a neutral attitude will help you bond with your baby quicker, once he or she is born. At the end of the day, we wish you a healthy pregnancy and a super healthy and happy baby!

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