100 Game Ideas for Kids - Age Group 3 years to 7 years

100 Game Ideas for Kids - Age Group 3 years to 7 years

Choosing games for kids are not as fun as finally getting to play with them! Many parents get overwhelmed with the plethora of options as soon as they enter any toy shop or “early learning center”. And with a hyper excited toddler running around and wanting everything he can lay his hands on– choosing a game becomes difficult. .With the market flooded with numerous games, what should one look for in a game? Every parent has faced this dilemma, so let's make it super simple for you.

  • Games should be age appropriate
  • They should improve creativity
  • Games should inspire problem solving
  • They should also encourage developmental learning
There are many kinds of such games for kids  for sale in the market. The most common types of games available are
  1. Montessori
  2. Board Games
  3. Blocks and cards
  4. Augmented reality
  5. Puzzles
  6. Pretend play
  7. Battery operated games
  8. Action Figurines
  9. Outdoor games
So, let’s see what each kind of game has to offer and the best options for your children.
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Montessori Games for Kids

The motto of Montessori for children is to 'Help me to do it myself'. The main goal is to encourage children to learn and do things by themselves. Most Montessori games are made of eco friendly wooden material and non toxic colorful paints. The dangers of choking are minimised, so you can allow your child to freely explore them. Children as young as two years love Montessori activities because it allows them to explore their senses, benefitting their overall development. Some good Montessori games available online are

#1. Skill-o-fun Wooden Shapes

This wooden toy would be a wonderful addition to your toddler’s toy collection. The wooden shapes are big enough for your toddler to grasp them. With a little prodding and guidance, any 3 year old will be able to identify all the shapes and place them in the tray. Price Rs 562 Age 3 years plus Benefits Early learning of various shapes is established. 

#2. Baybee Wooden Geometric Shape Sorter Puzzle

This wooden geometric sorter encourages kids to assemble and arrange the puzzle blocks into different shapes and designs. It has different geometric shaped blocks that kids have to place in their respective slots, solving the puzzle. Based on the Montessori teaching philosophy, children learn subtle skills like motor skills, shape recognition, color recognition, and pattern differentiation. It also promotes concentration and develops a sense of confidence in them once they solve the puzzle completely. Price Rs 349 Age 3 years plus Benefits Preschoolers learn to recognize various shapes and develop motor skills.

#3. Giraffe Wooden Abacus Activity & Counting

This handcrafted piece has a beautiful colored frame with abacus on metal bars on one side. It also comes with revolving cubes decorated with numbers and pictures. There are 2 loops with different geometrical shapes (which encourage hand eye coordination as well) that any 3 year old will enjoy playing with. Price Rs 1229 Age 3 years plus Benefits Early fine and gross motor skills get developed.

#4. Kidken Montessori Puzzles Tree

This eco friendly and realistic Tree puzzle is a must have for preschoolers. A self-correcting puzzle, it has been designed to help a young child understand the various parts of a tree. Puzzle pieces have small knobs which are easy to hold. Any 3 year old child is going to enjoy placing them in the correct spots! Price Rs 290 Age 3 years plus Benefits Requires minimal supervision. Child can happily play on his own while you complete those pending chores.

#5. Segolike Montessori Mathematical Game

This game will save you a math lesson in the future by ensuring that your child learns the relationship between odd and even numbers all on his own! This unique black and white wooden toy is a teacher's favorite. White beads represent odd numbers and black beads even. It comes with a numbered board and poles. Children as young as 3 years old can be taught to place the correct sequence of beads corresponding to the number. Price Rs 740 Age 4 years plus Benefits Builds the base for Mathematical skills.

Montessori Games1

#6. Trinkets & More Knowledge Classification Game Box

A fun gamebox which comes with  box with 10 slots and different 8 types of themes. An all in one kind of solution that has shapes, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, stationary, clothes and vehicles. Great for ages 3 years plus. Price Rs 980 Age 4 years plus Benefits  Memory, concentration and hand eye coordination are all important skills that can be developed when playing this game.

#7. Wood Intelligence Tetris Montessori 

As the name suggests, this game is tetris come alive! Made of wood and non toxic paint this game will improve your child’s imagination and eye-hand coordination. It will also improve their creativity and color and shape recognition as they try to arrange the different kinds to shapes into the Tetris box. Price Rs 1657 Age 3 years plus Benefits Problem solving, concentration and fine motor skills are all important skills that can be developed when playing this game.

#8. Lucy & Leo Educational Wooden Hammer and Peg

Even parents would love to have a go on this classic pounding hammer and peg game. It’s natural New Zealand pinewood and non-toxic dyes makes it one of the safest games for kids on the market. Age 3 years plus Benefits Children learn the concept of object permanence - the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed and it’s cause and effect.

#9 Skoolzy Jumbo Stringing Game

This is your quintessential beading game for toddlers. The Skoolzy lacing game comes in pouch with 36 jumbo sized beads and 4 strings. Lacing and beading are a precursor to writing. The beautiful and engaging colours make it ideal for gifting as well. Price Rs 3386 Age 3 years plus Benefits It helps children to develop their grip, hand eye coordination and learn color recognition.

#10. Maya Organic wooden stacker

An organic and eco friendly take on the classic stacker toy. This handcrafted toy comes with five colorful rings. Made with natural dyes you can be sure that you are not exposing your child to any toxic material during play time. Price Rs 565 Age 3 years plus Benefits Maya Organics entire range complies with the International Toy Safety Standards so you can be sure that all the products are non toxic. Montessori Games2

Board Games

Board games are still popular today because they are engaging and evergreen toys. Board games teach important social skills to young kids, such as learning to communicate verbally, patience to wait for their turn, and enjoy interaction with others.

#1. Ludo

Ludo is the classic board game that still holds appeal for both kids and adults. It’s a enjoyable  game that’s also time taking. Price Rs 194 Age  4 years plus Benefits Minimum supervision required. Kids learn patience and teamwork when playing this game.

#2. Snakes and Ladders

As children we all have played this simple, yet engaging game. The rules are simple and easy to follow for preschoolers. It teaches them patience to wait for their turn. It also helps them deal with the disappointments of “snake bites” Price Rs 194 Age 4 years plus Benefits Minimum supervision required. Kids learn patience and teamwork when playing this game.

 #3. Monopoly

Who among us has not played Monopoly or the Indian version “Business”. board game comprises one game board, 6 tokens, 28 title deed cards, 1 pack of playing money, 16 chance and community chest cards, packs of hotels, houses and 2 dice. Price Rs 1019 Age 5 years plus Benefits Kids learn to get along and play together fostering co-operation.

#4. Scrabble Junior

Do we really need to go over this one? Another classic board game found in most homes. Don't you remember how painful it was when you stepped barefooted on one of the letters (which by the way always manage to escape!). This game will keep your children occupied, happily building words as well as their vocabulary. Price Rs 419 Age 5 years plus Benefits  Kids learn new words and enrich their vocabulary.

#5. Battleship

Battleship is game that will help your child to develop tactical thinking and strategize. It is a simple yet very engrossing game for kids. It comes in a portable set which can easily be carried while travelling or when visiting the dentist. Price Rs 552 Age 5 years plus Benefits It is one of those games for kids which keep them off the screens.

#6. Twister

Though Twister is a very popular game with people abroad it has not made it’s mark in India. Do try out this game as your children are sure to enjoy the exercise while they  twist and turn and try to reach the correct spot. Price Rs 381 Age 4 years plus Benefits Can be played both indoors and outdoors.

#7. Hungry Hippos

A cute game of feeding the hungry hippos with balls. Can be played with four players, in teams of two - this is high energy game! Children love pressing their tails to ensure that their hippo eats the most balls and wins! Price Rs 722 Age 3 years plus Benefits Builds a healthy competitive spirit in children as well as dexterity.

#8. Zephyr Memory Skill

As the name suggests, this game for kids helps to build their memory and concentration. In this game you have to try to remember the different pictures and then cover them up. Then one player has to choose any two pics and if they are matching he wins and gets another turn. The other player gets a turn only when the pictures don’t match. Price Rs 209 Age 5 years plus Benefits Increases memory and concentration.

#9. Boggle

Favorite game for book lovers, who have a great vocabulary. This classic  time bound game for kids helps your child build his concentration and competitive spirit. The game has a rectangular container which can hold up to 16 cubes. All the cubes have some alphabets written on them. Once the container is shaken, all the cubes land into small pockets in the box. A timekeeper is turned and players have to write down as many words as they can think of. The player with the most unique words wins! Price Rs 369 Age 6 years plus Benefits Builds vocabulary and social skills. Also helps to increase memory and concentration. BOARD GAME 1

#10. Housie

Housie or Tambola as it is also know is a very popular party game. Tickets with different numbers ranging from 1 to 90 are distributed. One moderator calls out numbers picked blindly. The player who manages to cross out all the numbers on his ticket first wins. Price Rs 338 Age 7 years plus Benefits Children learn to concentrate and pay attention while playing this game.

#11. Game Of Life

The Game of Life is one of the most popular board games for kids after Monopoly. It teaches children about the different ups and downs in life and the losses and wins they may have to incur along the way. It comes with a board like Monopoly but much more detailed, with different kinds of situations presented for children. The first player past the post with the maximum amount of money in the bank wins. Price Rs 712 Age 7 years plus Benefits Children learn to concentrate and pay attention while playing this game. It also teaches them about different situations in life - winning and losing.

#12 Mattel Toys Junior Pictionary

An engaging party game. It fosters teamwork and cooperation among children. Kids learn to express themselves better while trying to explain the “picture” without using words. Price Rs 699 Age 7 years plus Benefits INcreases vocabulary and communication skills. Children learn teamwork as well.

#13 Funskool Dora the Explorer - Candyland

Dora The Explorer is a delicious adventure with popular characters Dora, Boots and Diego. The first player to reach the Fiesta wins the game. A popular game among girls, it comes with four pawns and a deck of 64 cards. A good game for kids for playdates. Price Rs 249 Age 3 years plus Benefits Increases curiosity and fosters patience in children.

#14. Connect 4

An amazing strategizing game for kids where they have to connect 4 tokens of the same colour together, while trying to thwart their opponent from doing the same. Price Rs 339 Age 6 years plus Benefits Helps children strategize and builds analytical skills.

#15. Sunny Brainvita

Another brainiac game played with marbles on a board. It can be played solo as well as with an opponent. The aim when playing solo is to ensure that the least number of marbles are left behind. When playing with another player, the aim is finish before your opponent. Price Rs 197 Age 4 years plus Benefits Helps children strategize and builds analytical skills. BOARD GAME 2

Blocks and cards

Building blocks are an amazing way to unlock your child’s imagination. They open up a world of possibilities, letting your child experiment and use his creativity. Flashcards help children to learn faster by making things more visual for them.

#1. Jenga

A simple rectangular blocks game. To play this game, one needs to build up an entire tower made of the blocks. Any number of players can play. All players take turns removing a block from the tower. The player who causes the tower to fall is out. Price Rs 522 Age 4 years plus Benefits This game teaches children strategy and concentration. It also helps them to build dexterity in their fingers when handling the blocks.

#2. Legos Juniors

Most boys accumulate multiple sets of Legos as they grow up. This is a starter set, which your child will surely cherish as he grows up. Legos are of those games for kids that are great at foster creativity and imagination in children. Price Rs 1498 Age 4 years plus Benefits Legos are the classic building block game. Children can build anything they imagine! Sky’s the limit!

#3. Legos Classic

The classic version of Legos for your son as he grows older. Makes an awesome birthday present as well! Price Rs 2500 Age 4 years plus Benefit Legos are the classic building block game. Children can build anything they imagine! Sky’s the limit!

#4. UNO

The most wonderful card game in the world, in my honest opinion. Whenever there is a family gathering, just round up the kids and hand them a set of UNO cards. Children love playing this simple, yet engaging game which helps to build up their competitive spirit, strategy and concentration. Price Rs 134 Age 7 years plus Benefit Once kids learn this game, they can play it anywhere. As it not bulky to carry, you can take it when you travel or visit the dentist.

#5. Pigloo 40-Pieces Wooden ABC - 123 Blocks

A colourful set of wooden blocks with numbers and alphabets to engage your young one. Children can spend hours building towers and knocking them down which helps to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Price Rs 997 Age 3 years plus Benefit Children also learn to recognize the alphabets, numbers and objects drawn on these blocks.

#6. Mega Bloks First Builders

Mega Bloks comes in a portable and convenient table which makes a perfect platform where your child’s imagination and creativity will grow. The game includes printed first builders blocks using which kids build anything on the table itself! Price Rs 4953 Age 3 years plus Benefit Clean up is super easy. Just grab them and dump them on the table.

#7. Ratnas Junior Happy Train Building

This train building set comes with bright, colorful interlocking blocks. Children can play for hours. This game helps to develops gross motor skills in children, dexterity and eye-hand coordination in children. Price Rs 136 Age 3 years plus Benefit No limit to the possibilities as children can build any design they imagine.

#8. Funskool Pictureka Card Game

Kind of picture treasure hunt, this is fun filled family game. This game comes in a pack of 105 cards which are divided into three categories. These cards each represent an object on the 3 x 3 board. Multiple players can play, and the one who finds the objects first gets to keep it. At the end of the game, the one with the most cards wins. Price Rs 201 Age 4 years plus Benefit: Kids learn teamwork and playing together. 

#9. Creatives Flash Cards

Creative's “Alphabet Flash Cards” offer children a fun and easy way to learn and practice their alphabet skills. The set features 40 large and thick laminated cards that help reinforce uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, phonics, and reading readiness skills. One side of the 26 Alphabet Cards shows a letter of the Alphabet both in capital (upper) and small (lowercase) forms while the other side shows a beautiful picture and picture word that begins with the same letter sound. Price Rs 201 Age 4 years plus Benefit Children learn to recognize small case as well, which later forms the base for cursive writing.

#10. Genius Kit

Multiply your child’s curiosity and learning with Vaandooz’s genius Kit. This kit comes with puzzles,books as well as flash cards. Math skills of your child will be honed using it’s unique number calendar to from zero to a thousand. Children as young as 4 years can learn numbers upto 999. Price Rs 1195 Age 4 years plus Benefit The flashcards help to hone your child’s language skills as well. Has been developed with the help of child experts. Blocks and cards

Augmented Reality Games For Kids

Augmented reality is the newest kid on the block. Augmented reality games aim to provide children with a more lively and fun playing experience than they have been used to so far. For kids, the primary activity in AR involves interacting with the real world through their digital games. Importantly, Augmented reality games are highly engaging making the learning process fun.

#1. Shifu

Shifu has launched a set of play cards which become interactive when viewed through their app. It ensures fun and learning at the same time. Shifu is taking early learning to a whole new level, by bringing “alive” the words and animals which children hold in their hands. With an authentic experience of animals in their habitat, the foods they eat, and the distinctive sounds they make and their unique actions - children will learn while having fun. Price Rs 299 Age 3 years plus Benefit These augmented reality cards help to enrich the learning experience of children. These cards have been conceptualized with the help of experts in children’s education.

#2. Planets 4D

Sareddy’s Plants 4D brings the entire solar system alive right before your child’s eyes! It helps to provide true immersive learning about a concept that can seem very abstract to children. Price Rs 299 Age 3 years plus Benefit The cards help to bring alive the learning experience of children. It enables kids to learn about the Sun, planets and moon quite easily.

#3. Aurodo

Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D is a good augmented reality game for children in the age group from 2 years to 10 years old. The game cards when scanned with Android and iOS phones or tablets bring animals alive in a 4D. Price 499 Age 3 years plus Benefit It’s a fun way also to learn spellings, help children learn the correct pronunciations and improve their vocabulary.

#4. Toy Car RC

Perhaps the most popular Augmented Reality Game, Toy Car RC, has been downloaded more than 100k  across the world, in over 25 countries. A hit among kids aged 6 to 8 years old, this game follows the adventures of a small car named “Wheely”. The AR Car Wheely travels through space on missions trying to discover new worlds. Age 3 years plus Benefit Inculcates a sense of adventure and children have lots of fun playing it.

#5. Smartivity Edge 

The coolest gift for young ones of ages 3 years and above, the Smartivity Jungle Safari Augmented Reality provides interactive animation for children to learn and experience about various dinosaurs. As your child will color, the animal will come “alive” in the exact same colours as used by him using Smartivity's unique colour and texture recognition app. Price Rs 249 Age 3 years plus Benefits Helps to enhance a child’s analytical skills, motor skills and creativity.

Augmented Reality Games For Kids

Puzzle Games

Brain racking puzzles are a great way to engage young children and at the same time help to enhance their problem solving and analytical skills. Studies have shown that when young children play with puzzles it helps to enhance their brain and thinking capacity.

#1. Funskool Learn India Map Puzzle

A straightforward puzzle made of India’s map. It comes with a base in the shape of India’s map and children have to place the right states in their slots. Good for children 6 years plus. Price Rs 169 Age 6 years plus Benefits Improves their GK by teaching children about their country. At the same it also helps to develop a child’s fine and gross motor skills.

#2. Rubik's Cube

A classic puzzle game which most of us must have played in our childhoods. A 3 by 3 cube, further broken down into smaller cubes with different colours on each face. Children have to match all the colours and bring them to the same face of the cube. Can be played by children 5 years plus. Price Rs 330 Age 7 years plus Benefits Develops analytical thinking and concentration.

#3. Ball In a Maze Puzzle

A wooden handcrafted round labyrinth, ideal for gifting to  both boys and girls. is made in pure natural wood and has three small size steel balls that remain in the maze. The kids would enjoy not only by adroitly placing all the three balls in the central groove. Price Rs 155 Age 4 years plus Benefits Develops fine motor skills and concentration.

#4. ToyzBox Mind Puzzle

This puzzle encourages your little one to take up the challenge of sliding the coloured and printed tiles up and down to try to assemble the picture correctly. Ideal for age groups 5 years plus, this child friendly game which boost your child’s concentration and memory skills. It will also help to enhances eye-hand coordination. Price Rs 78 Age 5 years plus Benefits Visual reasoning and sense of logic are also brought into play with this puzzle.

#5. Tickles Animal Puzzle

This Tickles Puzzle comes with a wooden board and raised blocks in cartoon patterns. Children are required to  pick up the right pieces and make the correct pattern. Helps to improve a child’s shape matching skills and hand eye coordination skills. Price Rs 399 Age 3 years plus Benefit Made from child safe paints will surely be liked by your child.

#6. Shalinindia 3-In-One Wooden Puzzle

This handcrafted set of three 3D puzzles includes a diagonal burr, snake cube and interlocking blocks. The child is required to put the small pieces of wood together to create the correct 3D shape. Price Rs 639 Age 4 years plus Benefit Unlike most plastic puzzles, this one made from Indian sheesham wood makes this game a display piece as well.

#7. Disney’s Frozen Puzzle

This 48 piece jigsaw puzzle, is based on your child’s favorite Frozen scenes and characters. It comes in a complete tin box which make storage easier and clean up quick. Great for gifting purpose to children above 5 years. Price Rs 234 Age 5 years plus Benefit Tin box makes cleanup easy.

#8. PIGLOO Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

A great wooden jigsaw puzzle from Pigloo. Your child will spend hours trying to figure out the puzzle and piecing it back. Comes with 4 jigsaw puzzles which are ideal for 3+ years plus. Price Rs 249 Age 3 years plus Benefit Helps to develop problem solving skills and logic reasoning.

#9. Kidz Valle Vegetable Puzzle

A premium jigsaw tiling puzzle appropriate for 3 year old. It comes with 6 different puzzles are made of kid safe boards and ink. Children have to use logic to arrive at the solution which are 6 different types of veggies. Price Rs 249 Age 3 years plus Benefit Helps to improve hand-eye coordination and logic in children.

#10. Curtis Puzzle Ball

A nice two-in-one toy which is both a ball and a puzzle as well. Brightly coloured parts are well moulded make it great for kids. Price Rs 299 Age 3 years plus Benefit Kids enjoy breaking it apart and putting it together again.

#11. Creative's Early Puzzles

Beautiful illustrations of topics from everyday life, Graded from Easy to Difficult ( less pieces to more pieces), Each a set of 4 shaped Puzzles , Tried and Tested, Easy to play with and Available in 16 different designs. Price Rs 54 Age 3 years plus Benefit Competitively priced and available in many different designs.

#12. Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Puzzles

A very popular brand, Melissa and Doug’s Farm Animal Puzzles comes with 4 jigsaw puzzles have 12 pieces each. 4 different compartments to store the different mini jigsaw puzzles make it easy to clean up as well. As the name suggest, these are farm animal depicting a horse, chicken, pig, and cow. The backs of pieces are also shape-coded for easy sorting for any 3 year old. Price Rs 764 Age 3 years plus Benefit Unique design, which appeals to kids.

#13 Vibgyor Vibes™ Early Age 6 in 1 Wood Block Puzzles

This innovative nine piece wooden puzzle has six different picture puzzles! They are colorful images which are attractive to kids. Appropriate for kids 5 years plus. Based on a pet theme, this puzzle also helps children to learn about pets. Price Rs 299 Age 3 years plus Benefit Wooden puzzle which is very long lasting.

#14. 3D DIY (Do It Yourself) Wooden Puzzle

A very unique 3D wooden puzzle. Made from high quality Pine MDF, it has been laser cut for easy assembly. Makes for a great product when finally assembled. Appropriate for children 6 years plus. Price Rs 495 Age 6 years plus Benefit Most puzzles are 2D, while this is a unique 3D puzzle. Puzzle Games

Pretend play

Children love to observe and imitate what they see around themselves. Pretend play is a great way to let their imagination run wild. Children have the habit of copying what they observe  in the world around them. So, when children engage in pretend play, they are actually experimenting social and emotional roles they see around them. Through playing together children learn patience when taking turns, sharing responsibility, and creatively problem solving. Using some small props you can help them visualize and bring alive a whole world for them.

#1. Playhood Playhouse

A comfy and spacious play tent which resembles a cottage, complete with curtains and doors. Very easy to set up, it will fuel kids' imaginations for hours while you can sit back and relax. Ideal for children above 3 years. Price Rs 1080 Age 4 years plus Benefits Environment friendly and chemical free cloth material makes it kid safe.

#2. My Cash Register Pretend Play

This battery operated cash register  has working scanning action and press buttons. The register will light up and make sounds transporting your child to the hustle bustle of a busy supermarket. The game includes some groceries, fake money and shopping baskets for a complete playing experience. Also equipped with a real working calculator your child can learn some addition and subtraction - all while having lots of fun! Ideal for kids 4 years plus. Price Rs. 2357 Age 4 years plus Benefits Environment friendly and chemical free cloth material makes it kid safe.

#3. SuperToy(TM) Chef Kitchen Kids

A comprehensive kitchen set for your little one. It has over 30 pieces of cutlery and other kitchen utensils. A great gift for your or friend's child, as they are sure to enjoy hours whipping up some goodies and playing chef! Price Rs. 799 Age 3 years plus Benefits Helps develop imagination and creativity.

#4. Play Knight in Shining Armor

This cute and realistic prop consisting of a sword, shield and helmet will make your little one into your knight in shining armor! While he’s enjoying himself in costume, slip in a couple of history lessons! Ideal for kids 4 years and above. Price Rs. 2596 Age 4 years plus. Benefits Helps develop confidence and creativity.

#5. WonderKart Home Super Market

Unlike the Cash Register toy, this SuperMart game takes role playing to a whole new level! With it’s realistic design and colourful accessories it’s the almost authentic pretend play game. Along with the usual cash register, scanner and money, this toy comes with fruits and food items, storage shelves and baskets for the complete supermarket role playing experience. Price Rs. 2800 Age 4 years plus Benefits Encourages role playing and helps them to develop social skills.

#6. Toys Bhoomi Kids Tools Kit

The beginner tool kit for your son. This is an interactive set of tools that will help kids to identify shapes and colors better. Grab this toy and start building with your little one and have fun! Price Rs. 899 Age 3 years plus. Benefits Made of good quality ABS Plastic. Pretend play

#7. Electronic Doctor Play Set

This cute Doctor’s kit for kids has interactive light effects. Pressing can activate blinking light as well as  electronic hearts. A nice doctor’s briefcase which includes Syringe, Otoscope, Stethoscope, Reflex Hammer, Mirror, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter and a Staff ID Card it is the complete Doctor play set. Great for children 3 years plus. Price Rs. 625 Age 3 years plus Benefits Encourages role play and imagination.

#8. Toyshine Foldable Work Bench

Another hands on pretend play toy. This portable folding work bench has 69 high quality tools which includes electric drills, screwdrivers and lots of nuts and bolts. Ideal for 4 years and above. Be sure to supervise your child when he/she is playing with this toy has it has many choking hazards. Price Rs. 1349 Age 4 years plus Benefits Builds confidence through role playing and pretend play.

#9. PIGLOO Wooden Carpenter Tool Box

A nice wooden pretend playing carpenter set for boys and girls. It comes with 25 pieces  which include a hammer, a wrench, two screwdrivers, a saw, a scissor and many nuts and bolts. Price Rs. 1597 Age 3 years plus. Benefits Made of natural non toxic wood, it comes with a carry case and rope handle.

#10. Fusine Kids Luxury Modular Kitchen

This is a complete kitchen set sure to inspire your child to become a chef! It has some battery operated functions to make it even more engaging. Your child is sure to love spending time trying to cook up some delicacies while you sit back and watch her! Price Rs. 1799 Age 3 years plus Benefits A very engaging toy for girls.

Battery operated games

Kids love battery operated games more than parents! They are noisy, break easily and are battery guzzlers. However, these games are also engaging and kids will surely enjoy playing with them, while you can get some down time.

#1. Track Racer Car

This awesome track racer car game comes with a flip action ramp and different control speeds. 4 different racing cars and a flying helicopter make this a the perfect game for lazy afternoon, when children get bored. Great for children above 4 years. Price Rs. 640 Age 3 years plus Benefits Very engaging toy that keeps kids busy.

#2. Sunshine Saffire Bugatti Car

A nice blue and black beautiful remote controlled car which your child will love to control and play with. Price Rs. 630 Age 3 years plus. Benefits Makes a great birthday gift as well.

#3. Chicco Transformable

This super cute transformable car and robot comes with a controller and 4 directional buttons. In three easy steps you’ll be able to change the vehicle into a robot. This mechanical transformation will help to improve your child's coordination skills. Perfect for kids 4 years and above. Price Rs. 2799 Age 4 years plus Benefits Super cute toy, sure to appeal to your child.

#4. Saffire Helicopter

This helicopter toy comes with 2 channel radio controls. One channel controls the speed of the main rotor, while the second one controls the tail rotor speed. This makes it easier to maneuver the toy left and right. Suitable for children 5 years and above. Always encourage your child to start with small speed to avoid big ups and downs. It is a very simple and easy operate RC helicopter toy. The remotes USB can charge the copter well. Don’t leave battery unattended inside the remote for long time. Price Rs. 1199 Age 5 years plus. Benefits A great toy at a competitive price.

#5. Turboz Transforming Robot cum car

The Transformers movie is brought to life in front of your child! With this toy he can own his very own transformer! A very impressive remote controlled toy car which can change into a robot. Suitable for any child above 3 years of age. Price Rs. 2549 Age 3 years plus Benefits A very realistic and engaging 2 in 1 toy.

#6. Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Star Wars universe comes alive with the Air Hogs Star Wars Remote-Control Millennium Falcon. Your child will surely love flying the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe  ever!  It comes with four rotors to produce enough lift for agile space-like flight. The controller can be used to charge the falcon. Give a authentic experience with sound effects and LED lights. Though any 4 year old will also enjoy playing with it, most suited for kids above 6 years of age. Price Rs. 8741 Age 6 years plus. Benefits A very unique toy which every child desires. Battery operated games

#7. Leapfrog My Own Laptop

Get your child her very own laptop with which she can learn  the alphabet, play games and music as well. It can be customized to spell your child's name. It also has 26 fun animal animations, 16 songs and melodies and four learning modes. It lightweight and easy to take along anywhere you travel. Ages 3+ years and up. Price Rs. 2699 Age 3 years plus. Benefits Kids will love to pretend to be mom or dad by pretending to send and receive emails.

#8. Mitashi Piano

This battery operated piano comes with a Karaoke mike as well. With additional functions like recording and playing it’s sure to add to your child’s fun. Also includes eight different instrument sounds and rhythms for your child to experiment with. Great for 3 years plus. Price Rs. 1099 Age 3 years plus. Benefits Can help your child to develop a taste in music.

#9. Talking Tom

From an app, Talking Tom is now available in real life your child’s pleasure! This responding Talking Tom now has touch facility as well.  Tom can now record as well as speak back to you. He can also sings songs and tell stories. Just touch Tom at various places and you will not get disappointed! Ideal for any child 3 years and above. Price Rs. 334 Age 3 years plus. Benefits An interactive toy at a competitive price.

#10. Vtech Play And Learn Activity Table

VTech’s Touch and Learn Activity Desk is an interactive game which includes five activity pages with engaging content. This game is extendable with different expansion packs that include a comprehensive curriculum. It also has an LED display which shows the letter and number stroke order.This game also transforms from a desk into an easel and chalkboard with storage space. It comes with art supplies to encourage play and discovery. All in all, a great toy which has many things to offer for any 4 year old. Price Rs. 5257 Age 4 years plus. Benefits Will keep your child occupied as it is very, very engaging.

Outdoor games and Sports

With the advent of computers and smartphones into every aspect of our lives, it is vital to steer young children away from them and engage in active games in the playground. Using outdoor games for kids is a great way to do it. Recent research has suggested that free and unstructured play is essential for children to
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • learn to focus and to practise self-discipline
  • to improve cooperation and flexibility
  • to reduce aggression and increase happiness

#1. Tickles Faux Bow and Arrow

This beautiful Faux Bow comes with 3 arrows and a bow that can shoots missiles over 100 meters. Ideal for children above 6 years of age. Boys and girls both can spend hours doing target practise in the garden. Price Rs. 899 Age 6 years plus. Benefits Develops concentration and fine motor skills in children.

#2. Playhood Wonder Shot

This compact basketball set is ideal for kids for both indoor and outdoor playing. It is suitable for children above 4 years of age. A ball along with an air pump is included in the product. Children can hone their fine motor skills while enjoying shooting hoops! Price Rs. 1099 Age 4 years plus. Benefits Fosters competitive spirit and fine motor skills in children.

#3. Trampoline SkyJumper

Ask any kid and they would love to have a go on a trampoline any time of the day! This trampoline comes with 1 year replacement or money back guarantee for your complete peace of mind. A four fold trampoline it is very compact and easy to store. This can become the life of any children’s party once you set it up. Be sure to supervise children when they are jumping up and down on it. For any age group above 3 years. Price Rs. 2999 Age 3 years plus. Benefits Great exercise for kids!

#4. Vibgyor Vibes Play Racket

This play racket, 15 inches in size can  be used as both a tennis racket as well as a badminton racket. The packet includes two rackets and one soft ball and a plastic shuttle. A great choice for both indoor play and outdoor playing. The racket is not very heavy and well suited for children. Ideal for kids 4 years plus. Price Rs. 525 Age 4 years plus. Benefits Made with cco-protection plastic it is a safe toy to your kid. EVA covered handle will protect your kid's skin.

#5. Happy Kids Foldable Slide for Children

A super cute colourful slide made from non-toxic plastic is sure to make your toddlers day. It can be set up at home, as well as in the garden or any picnic spot. Highly durable and safe for children, it is the perfect toy for a 3 year old. Price Rs. 2245 Age 3 years plus. Benefits It offers toddlers the physical activity needed to enhance their motor skills.

#6. Vibgyor Vibes Hover Football

A very innovative toy, this Air Power Disk Football can glide on a cushion of air! Your child will enjoy kicking it like a real soccer ball or even smacking it with a real hockey stick in the park. Perfect for any 4 year old. Price Rs. 445 Age 4 years plus. Benefits Will help to improve your child’s agility and motor skills.

#7. Toymart Bowling Game

Toymart’s bowling set comes with 10 bowling pins and 2 bowling balls. These lightweight bowling balls are easy for little hands to play. It’s unique foam design makes it safe for children when they are playing. Price Rs. 414 Age 4 years plus. Benefits It help kids to develop special awareness, eye hand coordination and balance. Save money by avoiding regular bowling alley trips and set up this game at home! Outdoor games and Sports

#8. Rowan Foosball

An awesome Foosball game from Hamleys is sure to brighten up your child’s bedroom! Children  will love to have a go on this table. Uniquely designed so that it is big enough to enjoy a full action game and yet compact enough to be easily stored. Table has easy to hold handles and a slider score bar on the side which helps to keep score. Price Rs. 2799 Age 5 years plus. Benefits Improves concentration and competitive spirit in children.

#9. Hey 21 Golf Play Set

The perfect beginners golf play set for both boys and girls. Lightweight and easy to carry, children can play with on the beach or the park. Set has 2 clubs and a putter, 3 balls, a putting cup and flag - all included in a bag with wheels and a handle to make for easy carrying. Price Rs. 5089 Age 6 years plus. Benefits Develops fundamental motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children learn to hit ball with different degrees of strengths to ensure goal.

#10. Vibgyor Vibes Junior Cricket set

Boys love cricket, and parents love watching their young one play Sachin on the pitch. Kids also love to hit almost everything with a bat - that is where this awesome cricket set is different as it made with lightweight material to ensure that no one gets hurt on the playground. The set includes three stumps, bells, two balls and a cricket bat for the perfect cricketing experience. Price Rs. 599 Age 6 years plus. Benefits Teaches children teamwork and helps develop their gross and fine motor skills.


Figurines or dolls are loved by children! It makes them feel closer to their super heroes. Figurines foster imagination and creativity, much like pretend play. Kids enjoy making make believe scenarios and acting when out with their favorite figurines.

Popular Figurines

#1. Barbie

Almost every girl growing up has had a Barbie. This doll, which debuted in 1959, is still quite a popular gifting item. A variety of designs and ethnicities have since been launched. You can even get an Indian themed Barbie for your daughter or niece. Kitchen set, sofa set, wardrobe and bedroom set are some of the additional accompanients which you can buy for your Barbie. Ideal for children 3 years plus. Price Rs. 672 Age 3 years plus

#2. Ken Figurine

Ken is the male counterpart to the Barbie. Makes for the ideal birthday gift for the child whom you know already has a Barbie doll. Price Rs. 794 Age 3 years plus

#3. Dora

One of the relatively newer figurine entrants in the Indian market, Dora is also quite popular with girls. A realistic looking figurine, it will surely capture your child’s fancy. It helps to promote healthy role-play for children. Price Rs. 5030 Age 3 years plus

#4. Doremon

If you child loves Doremon, then bring home this entire range of action Figurines which are made of non-toxic material. Easy to carry anywhere, your child can beat boredom anywhere -  whether you are busy travelling or working. Made from high quality and sturdy plastic, Doremon Nobita is quite durable. Price Rs 228 Age 3 years plus

#5. Motu Patlu Figures

Motu Patlu are quite popular cartoon on Indian television. So if your kiddo, is fond of them, don’t hesitate to buy these dolls, as they will surely be a hit with your kids. Made with movable parts makes them highly realistic and appealing to young children. Price Rs 198 Age 3 years plus Popular Figurines

Action Figures

You will be hard pressed to find a boy who does have at least a couple of the following figurines. Most of them are based on popular superheroes and boys have a blast pitching one against the others. So, if you are looking for a birthday present go ahead and pick any of them - you can’t go wrong.

#1. G.I. Joe

The classic figurine for boys before the Marvel superheroes became popular. This trademark soldier with his gun is sure to bring a smile on your son’s face. Price Rs. 4629 Age 3 years plus

#2. Marvel Avengers The Hulk

The Hulk has inspired a lot of collectibles, but the figurine is still the most popular among boys. Price Rs. 1280 Age 3 years plus

#3. Spiderman

Let your child get lost in his web of imagination with this amazing Spider Man toy. Price Rs. 1698 Age 3 years plus

#4. Batman

You’ll get tired of hearing “I’m Batman!” but your child won’t get bored playing with this awesome figurine. Price Rs. 1394 Age 3 years plus

#5. Superman

Just keep Kryptonite away and this figurine is sure to last for a long, long time. Price Rs. 998 Age 3 years plus

#6. Baahubali

The blockbuster inspired figurine is a new entrant into the super hero market. Nonetheless, it looks awesome and is sure to appeal to your child. Price Rs. 749 Age 3 years plus Action Figures

Fairy Tales Figurines

As action figurines are popular among boys, these fairy tales based figurines are well liked by girls. They make the perfect birthday gift your daughter or niece.

#1. iDream 6pcs Tinker Bell

These Tinker Bell figurines make a great gift. Each figure has a vivid expression and a unique appearance. Price Rs. 799 Age 3 years plus

#2. Disney Frozen Elsa

Based on the wildly popular Disney Frozen movie, this Elsa figurine is most girls dream come true. Price Rs. 874 Age 3 years plus

#3. Princess Cinderella

A beautiful doll to go with a magical story. Will surely will a smile on your daughter’s face. Price Rs. 509 Age 3 years plus

#4. Jasmine Princess

A unique figurine for your one, if she likes the Aladdin and Jasmine story. Price Rs. 874 Age 3 years plus

#5. Snow White Doll

Another beautiful figurine based on the popular kids tale, which most girls will appreciate. Price Rs. 999 Age 3 years plus Princess Cinderella


Children should play with games as often as possible as they foster development in the following areas.
  • Promote good social skills
  • Help to improve hand eye co ordination
  • Help to improve a child’s spatial, tactical abilities, and motor skills
  • Teaches patience and teamwork
  • Boosts children’s creativity
I hope you found this list of 100 games for kids very useful. Which is your child’s favorite toy? Share below! Also Read: 64 gift ideas of toys for kids on their birthday Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you