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which is the best massaging oil for babies in summer?

19 Answers 1066 days ago

Use coconut oil or Johnson's massage oil.Both are good.

408 days ago

J&J बेस्ट है।

450 days ago

I used J&J for my kids, its very gentle,light and soft.

477 days ago

Hi Mishty babies ke liye best massage oil Johnson's baby oil hai. Hmare ghar par sab bachcho ke liye yhi use kiya jaata hai.

534 days ago

Coconut oil

561 days ago

Coconut oil with camphor...

576 days ago

you should try johnson baby oil. their new range is even better ...milder and no parabens or sulfates

596 days ago

Coconut oil is the best!!

605 days ago

Try Mama Earth Baby Massage oil , its a blend of several good oils and since a toxin free product so safe for skin .

622 days ago

Johnson's baby oil is the best for babies. It is mild, gentle and pure.

639 days ago

I personally use Johnson's baby oil for my lil one. It suits my son very well and the best part is, that it is light and non greasy making it easy to apply and wash off.

666 days ago

The best oil according to me in summers for babies is Johnsons baby massage oil. It absorbs well in the skin and does not leave the skin feeling sticky at all. Iv used the same on my child so suggesting the same

666 days ago

have been very happy with johnson vitamin e oil...i believe they have also launched a new one...you can check that too

682 days ago

i also wanted to ask the same question

692 days ago

Johnsons Baby oil is good. Have tried and tested on my babies :)

695 days ago

Johnsons Baby oil is good. Have tried and tested on my babies :)

695 days ago


1015 days ago

You can use coconut oil too.

1027 days ago

I use almond oil and sometimes ghee for massaging. Also mamaearth massaing oil is very good.

1066 days ago

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