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Our son is 1 year 2.5 months... His weight is 8.500... Is it under weight

2 Answers 1056 days ago

what was the birth weight of your baby ?? It should be 3 times at 1 year. So don't worry about the weight that much if your baby is active. Give nutritional and healthy diet to your baby. Add weight gain food in your Baby's diet. You can check weight gain food blogs on our website. Click on this link for weight gain food for your baby https://babydestination.com/search/weight%20gain%20

1046 days ago

What is his birth weight? Weight gain will be in first few months of baby born.. Accordingly after 1yr of baby's age they cannot put on weight as before.. My son is now 3yrs ..He is 10kgs Every pediatric dr says if the child is active and crosses all milestones then wt is not a big concern.. Give healthy food and don't bother about weight dear.. Thankyou.

1046 days ago

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