Find Out Why These 15 Foods Are Bad For Your Baby

Find Out Why These 15 Foods Are Bad For Your Baby

It is essential for the parents to closely monitor their children’s diet. The children should be introduced to healthy foods and not the food that is only rich in calories and has zero nutrition. The children may develop an affinity towards the junk food as they are tastier and easy to eat.

But, as per Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this will create a nutritional deficit in the children which can obstruct the healthy development of the child. To follow a healthy diet, it is imperative for the parents to be aware of the worst food for children. So, here we list some of the most unhealthy foods for kids that you should keep your tiny tot away from.

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Unhealthy foods for kids

The foods that have high sugar content, are deep fried, or too salty are not advisable to eat. It has become a leading cause of childhood obesity. The most unhealthy foods for kids to eat are summarized below.

#1. Chips and Crackers

Chips and crackers are very one of the most unhealthy foods for kids. They are deep fried and hence have a high oil content, are too salty, and have taste enhancers that can disturb the throat and the overall health of the baby. The babies should not consume more salt, not more than 1 g per day, as their kidneys are not too developed to digest the high salt. Also, such processed foods leave no room for a healthy and nutritious meal.

#2. Canned juices

Another disaster is the canned juices. “Juice is basically a waste of calories,” according to Dr.Ari Brown, who has also co-written a book named as Baby 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Your Baby’s First Year.

Parents think that they are giving healthy fruit drink to their kids, but in reality, the fruit content is almost nil. It is just full of sugar and preservatives, which is extremely unhealthy.

#3. French Fries

A favorite snack of kids is actually one of most unhealthy foods for kids. There is too much salt, fat, sugar, and calories and the nutritional benefits are nil. It is better to give them home cooked baked sweet potato instead.

#4. Ready to eat food packs

Processed foods that can be cooked within a few minutes is definitely not good for the babies. They contain modified food ingredients like starch and fat. They also contain sodium which the babies should steer clear of.

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#5. Jellies

Jelly for babies is a strict no-no. It contains artificial flavors, artificial color, and gelatin which is not healthy. Instead, give them baked fruits with a garnish of cinnamon and a sprinkle of sugar on top.

#6. Fast food

Foods like burger, pizza, and other deep-fried snacks easily available at café’s are not fit to be consumed by your little toddler. These foods contain saturated fats, salt, and sugar. You can make these foods at home in a healthier manner. Just that you will have to make it little tempting and appealing in looks, and your child will be more than happy to eat it.

#7. Toffees and Chocolates

Loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners, it is not only unhealthy for the babies but it is a leading cause of the tooth decay in children. Hard toffees may also lead to choking. You can prepare healthier versions of chocolate like oats bar, peanut crispies, etc.

#8. Whole Nuts

Nuts are very healthy, but it is not advisable for the babies to eat them for the simple reason that they are hard to chew and can get stuck in their throat. It may lead to choking. Alternatively, you can blend them dry to make a nut powder or make a nut paste by blending the nuts with some milk.

#9. Donuts and cakes

Again, these are the sweets that have sugar and fat as the main contents and no nutrition. Instead, you can bake a whole wheat banana egg cake at home which will be way healthier than the ones available in the market or confectionary shops.

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#10. Caffeine

Your baby is too small to have coffee and tea. The tannin found in tea does not allow the body to absorb iron. Instead, give the baby milk, shakes, fresh juices, etc.

#11. Soft drinks

Fizzy soft drinks are not meant for children. An intake of a glass of fizzy drink can cause acidity. It is also known to damage the teeth of the babies.

#12. Honey

You should not give honey to your child until he is 12 months old. When an infant is introduced to honey, he may develop an infection or food poisoning.

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#13. Some varieties of Fish

Though fish are healthy and rich in omega 3 but there are some varieties of fish which the baby should not eat. Shark and swordfish to name some. Do check with your doctor before feeding a fish to the baby.

#14. Peanut

Like nuts, peanut can also lead to choking. You can safely give peanut butter to your child but not whole peanut until your child is 3 to 4 years old.

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