7 Effective Exercises To Induce Labour Naturally

7 Effective Exercises To Induce Labour Naturally

It is a very good habit to exercise during your pregnancy. It not only keeps you fit and healthy but also makes sure your baby is healthy too. The most effective way exercise helps is that it helps to prepare your body for the labour and labour pains that you will experience during the birth of your child. Prenatal exercises open up the pelvis and makes you better prepared for a natural birth. Take a look at this article to find out exercises to induce labour naturally.

It may happen sometimes that you are past your due date and your baby still hasn't arrived. You must be concerned as to why you are not having labour pains. If your doctor says that everything is fine and you just have to wait, then you should not be very concerned. Also read: Tips To Help You Prepare For Childbirth And Labour

Exercises to induce labour naturally

If you are above 38 weeks pregnant, here are some few, very safe exercises that you can do to induce labour in a natural way. These exercises are very mild and will not harm you or the baby in any manner. But always ask your doctor if you can do them and get a green signal from your gynaecologist.

#1. Walking

The most effective and safe exercise is to take a walk. If you have been taking walks, you should extend their duration, say for example from 15 minutes to 20 minutes and so on. You should not do brisk walks but take long walks which will raise your heart rate a bit. Even if this doesn’t help in inducing labour, it is a very good exercise to reduce stress and prepares your body for the birth. Also read: 10 ways to ease labour pain during delivery

#2. Pelvic tilts

This is one of the most effective exercises to induce labour pains naturally. You need to lie down on your mat and keep your knees bent with your foot on the floor. Just relax and take deep breaths. Now slowly start to flatten your back against the floor while ending the pelvis up. Hold for 10 counts and then bring your pelvis down. This exercise, done for 10 minutes everyday will help induce labour.

#3. Squats

This is another most effective exercise to induce labour naturally. Squats also help you build strong pelvic muscles which help a lot during labour and childbirth. Squats is also a foolproof and a very easy way to induce natural labour. Squats helps build strength in the thigh and abdominal muscles while making the pelvic muscles ready for childbirth. You need to stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips. Place a chair in front of you and hold it with both hands if you feel the need of support. Gently bend your knees and go down as if you are about to sit on a chair. Stay for 5 counts and come up. Repeat the same. You can also do a full squat and sit completely down if your body permits.

#4. The Butterfly Pose

Butterfly is a pose that helps tighten and strengthen the muscles of the back, thighs and pelvis. It eases the blood flow to your lower body, thus making it easier for you when you undergo labour. You need to sit on the floor with your legs in front. Take the bottoms of your feet and join them together. Use your elbows to press both your knees gently to the floor. And feel the stretch. Remember not to overdo the stretch but only till you are comfortable. You can take the support of a wall if you need. Also read: Are You Going Into Labor? Find Out!

#5. Lunges

Lunges help the pelvis to open up and helps the baby to decent. Lunges can be done in the front or even sideways. Stand with birth legs together and hand on your hips. Now take one big step forward. Descend your lower back and lower the back leg while pivoting on your front leg. You will feel a stretch in the back leg. Bring them together and do this with the other leg. The same can also be done with your legs sideways. These lunges will warm up your hips and give more room for your baby to descend.

#6. Climbing Stairs

This is an exercise which should be done in moderation but it helps a lot as it uses all the muscles of your lower back and leg. It helps a lot in orienting the baby’s head down and getting the baby in the correct birthing position. It also prepares the body for the physical exertion that you will face during labour. Climbing a few flight of stairs, twice daily will help you prepare for a natural birth.

#7. Leaning

We lean backwards all the time when we are pregnant. This tends to put so much pressure on your back. Thus you should make time to lean forward. Leaning forward is a very good and natural way to bring your baby in the optimum birthing position. You can lean on anything that makes you comfortable. If you are leaning on a wall, place both your hands on the wall. Press your palms on the wall and lean down with your head bent between your arms. You can even lean on exercise balls, kitchen counters or a table. Also read: Different Types Of Birth Positions & How To Correct Them For Delivery Exercise makes you remain active throughout your pregnancy and it is a good way to help you prepare for the later stages that will be a challenge for you and your body. Do not forget to breathe and take deep breaths while you do any of the above exercises. Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you