Safe And Easy Exercises For Normal Delivery

Safe And Easy Exercises For Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. It does put a lot of pressure on your body where you can be sick with morning sickness, back pain, the fear of delivering a baby and much more. But regular exercises during your pregnancy can improve your health- mental and physical, reduce the risk of excess weight gain, reduce stress, reduce back pain and make the delivery process a little easier. In this article, you will find easy exercises for normal delivery.

Moderate exercises during your pregnancy are recommended and have been proven to be healthy for your baby as well. Exercise at any time of the day, along with healthy eating habits can keep you fit, mood swings at bay, boost energy, decrease fatigue, help with constipation and even help in getting more sleep.

Does exercising during pregnancy help with normal delivery?

Exercises during pregnancy can also help with normal delivery unless some issue crops up during your labour. Exercises like brisk walking, swimming, light yoga have been proven helpful to help in having a normal delivery. Yoga techniques of breathing also help to breathe while delivering the baby normally.

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Easy Exercises For Normal Delivery

Here are a few easy exercises for normal delivery.

(Note: Always check with your GP before trying out any new form of exercise)

Always remember to do light warm-ups before starting any form of exercise, be it walking or yoga or swimming. Head tilts, head circles, head nods, arm circles, shoulder circles, side stretches, standing stretches, toe stretches are important steps to do in order to begin any form of exercise. This needs to be done at the beginning of your workout.

1. Brisk walking

If you have never exercised or even moderately exercised before pregnancy, a brisk walk around your neighbourhood would do well during your pregnancy. Walking is a workout that puts a little pressure on the knees and ankles. Thus, choose smooth places and avoid potholes and dug up roads. A half an hour walk can do wonders. Remember to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Swimming

If you have been swimming even before pregnancy, then do not stop now. Swimming is another great way to stay fit and be ready for normal delivery. It prevents muscle injury, regulates heartbeat, strengthens your muscles, and keeps your body fit. Swimming, walking in water, and aqua aerobics offer health benefits throughout pregnancy.

3. Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga keeps the joints intact and helps maintain flexibility. It also strengthens muscles, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances relaxation. Regular yoga poses may contribute to a healthy blood pressure during pregnancy. From the second semester, it is better to avoid poses that involve lying on the abdomen or flat on the back. Yoga is all about breathing right, which can be of great help during labor and delivery.

Some yoga poses are perfect for pregnancy as they help release lower back tension. Here are a few that you can do during your 6th month and 9th month of pregnancy:

#4. Pelvic stretches

This is a simple stretch. To do this, keep your feet sturdy on the ground, stretch your legs and keep your back straight. This will stretch and shift your pelvic onward and backward. Repeat it 10 times or as per your comfort level.

#5. Squats

These help in reducing labour pains. These are also very comfortable position to try when pregnant. Take the toilet position with the support of a holder or gym ball in order to add pressure to the pelvic and thigh area.

#6. Downward dog pose

This pose gives support to your thigh muscles and lets them maintain good holding capacity. To do this exercise, extend your legs and bend on all four limbs. You back should be towards the sky. Your hands should be straight. You can bend your knees if you cannot straighten them. It is also fine if your feet do not touch the ground fully. Hold onto the position for two minutes, release, and repeat daily.

#7. Sitting Glute stretch

Sit on a chair and move forward, almost to the edge of the chair. Straighten both legs out in front of you. Cross your right leg on top of your left knee and gently pull your right leg towards your chest. Feel the stretch in your glutes. Hold this pose for 5 seconds. Now, gently push your right knee down with your right forearm and feel the stretch on your glutes and inner thighs. Now, cross your left leg above your right and repeat the steps.

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#8. Deep breathing

Breathing is an exercise that will help you get through those labour pains. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. You can even do this while laying down. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly. Now, exhale slowly. Repeat this 20 times every day. Another version of deep breathing is to inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this till you feel comfortable.

#9. Pelvic Tilts

These can strengthen the abdominal muscles and help reduce back pain. Go down on the hands and knees. Tilt the hips forward and pull the abdomen in, arching the back. Hold for a few seconds. Release, and your back come to normal position.

#10. Stationary cycle

This is normally safe even if you have not exercised before. It does not put much pressure on the joints and helps raise the heart rate. Since the bike is stationary, it supports the body weight and the risk of falling is extremely low.

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Always check with your doctor before starting any form of exercise. Exercises like yoga and swimming should always be done under supervision.

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