How To Dress Your Baby For Cold Weather

How To Dress Your Baby For Cold Weather

Winter is finally here! It’s the season of hot chocolate and making merry. But winters are also the season where your baby is prone to infections, cold, cough, flu, pneumonia and influenza. However, you need not worry, most of these infections can be avoided by dressing your baby correctly during the cold months. Whether you are playing outside, staying indoors, travelling in your family vehicle or just snuggling up in bed. It’s also that time of the year when parents look for tips to dress their babies. If you too are looking for tips to dress your baby in winters, continue reading.

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7 tips to dress your baby in winters that will keep him/her warm 

#1. Layer your baby’s clothes

One of the best tips to dress your baby in winters is by dressing your baby in layers. It is mostly recommended when you are going outside or the kids are playing outdoors. Start with thermal pants, inners or long socks and have your child wear a pair of comfortable pants over it. For the top, start with a chest warmer, a sweatshirt or a winter dress and top it up with a zip-up jacket. A warm cap and gloves will do good and keep your baby safe. Adding or reducing a layer of clothes depends on how cold it is at the place you stay. The best thing about layering is that you can always add or remove an extra layer of clothing.

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#2. Not too hot and not too cold

Sometimes we tend to layer up the baby in more than what is required. This might lead to an increase in temperature and make the baby feel uncomfortable. Young babies cannot communicate whether they are feeling hot or cold. Thus, you need to check the body temperature with your hands. You can put your hands on the baby’s belly to see if it is cold or hot. If the belly is cold, you can add another layer of clothing. Another way to check if your baby is hot or cold is to feel how warm or cold the baby’s hands and feet are. If they are cold, it is a sign that your baby is cold too.

#3. Select the right fabric

Another great tip when it comes to tips to dress your baby in winters comes in the form of fabrics. Choosing the right fabric goes a long way in not only keeping the baby warm in winters but also reduces the risk of allergies. Thermal clothes are best when it comes to dress baby in winters. They are snug, keep the baby warm and are made from wool or polyester. Wearing cotton during winters does not protect baby against the cold. Sweatshirts made of light polyester and warm sweaters made of wool are the best baby winter clothes and fabrics to use.

#4. Choose Zip-ups

Zip-ups are the most common and easy to use baby winter clothes. They can be easily put on and removed as well when required. A zip-up jacket or a zip-up baby winter dress or a zip-up sweatshirt will be an easy cloth to remove when you are outside and the temperature might rise. An easy zip-up jacket can also be carried along to wear when the temperature drops.

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#5. Winter dressing when sleeping

Researchers suggest co-sleeping with your baby during winters as they feel the coziness and warmth from their parents. But dressing your baby for the night during winters can be tricky. You do not want to make the baby wear loose cotton clothes and put a blanket on them as at night they might just throw the blanket away. You also do not want to over cover your baby in clothes as that might just raise the body temperature and can be harmful to the baby. The best winter clothes for baby during sleep time are light winter night suits or footed sleepsuits. A swaddled blanket can be used for infants. A light thermal wear along with a light winter night suit will do just fine as your baby will also be covered with a blanket.

#6. Accessories for the baby

At home, it is important for the baby to wear socks to keep their tiny feet warm. If you are going out, always carry extra protection of mittens and caps for your baby. A comfortable woolen hat and a pair of soft mittens will keep your baby warm and protected against the winter winds. Pick hats and mittens that are made of soft materials and will keep your baby cosy and warm just like the warmth they feel indoors.

#7. Fitting of baby’s clothes

Fitting of winter clothes for babies is an important aspect. We tend to buy bigger clothes or jackets that would last at least a year or two, but that is not the ideal way of shopping for babies.. Buying loose clothes may allow the cold winter winds to pass and would not keep your baby warm. Similarly, tight-fitting clothes will also not serve the purpose as they will limit your baby’s blood circulation and can result in cold limbs. Buy clothes that are the correct size for your baby.

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