Do’s and Dont’s During the Ninth Month of Pregnancy

Do’s and Dont’s During the Ninth Month of Pregnancy

The ninth month of pregnancy tests an expectant mother’s patience and energy and discomfort begins to take its toll. While movement might become difficult because of your size, there are definitely some things you can do in this final month, not just to ease your discomfort but to also make the arrival of the baby easier on you and your family. There are also a few things you should avoid doing for your health and safety. Here are a few helpful tips for the ninth month of pregnancy.

Helpful tips for the ninth month of pregnancy

You are only a month away from welcoming your little bundle of joy into this world. Take a look at these helpful tips for the ninth month of pregnancy:


#1. Indulge in some pampering

This is the perfect time to get that manicure-pedicure or facial as not only are you not able to reach your own feet to paint your toenails, it could also be some time before you get a chance to get pampered again. However, we suggest speaking to your doctor before getting any treatment which involves chemicals, especially hair colour.

#2. Socialize

The ninth month of pregnancy is the perfect time to catch up with your friends or partner for a coffee, lunch or movie. Not only will it relax you, but it might also be some time before you are able to step out again. Also Read: How to get relief from back pain after pregnancy

#3. Prepare older siblings for the baby’s arrival

Your older children will be excited about a younger sibling’s arrival. Spend some time with them to speak to them about the changes which could take place once the baby arrives as older children tend to feel a little neglected because of the constant care and attention a baby needs. Involve them by delegating small baby-related tasks to them. Seek their opinion in picking baby names or while buying things for the baby. Also, prepare them mentally for your hospital stay and delivery.

#4. Prepare the baby’s nursery

There is no better time to do up the baby’s room or corner as getting out and about will be difficult with a small baby. Shop now for the things you might need in the first three months, especially the bigger and necessary items like the car seat, crib, and pram which you would like to see and feel yourself before buying.

#5. Keep the hospital bag ready

In your ninth month of pregnancy, you should be fully prepared to go in for delivery at any time. For this, keep your hospital bag ready. It should have essentials for both you and your baby - Toiletries, set of clothes, towels, baby essentials (diapers, wipes, socks, mittens, caps etc..). An older relative, friend or your doctor will be able to help you with a list of things to carry in your hospital bag. Also read: Tests & Scans Before & During Pregnancy

#6. Have Sex

While there is much debate on this subject, there is no conclusive evidence that you cannot have sex in the ninth month of pregnancy. If you have a normal pregnancy without any blood pressure issues or medical complications, sex should be ok as long as no pressure is applied to the stomach or womb. However, if you have any concerns do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor.

#7. Get some sleep

As any new parent will tell you, you can bid sleep goodbye for a while once the baby arrives. Now is the time to sleep in, take as many naps as you can or go to bed as early as you want as there is no-one to keep you awake at night right now. Also Read: What to Expect from your Periods after Pregnancy


#1. No stress

Do not let negative thoughts creep in or get stressed about labor or delivery. Your doctor and family will ensure you and the baby are in excellent hands and well taken care of. Do not read stories or watch videos about other’s negative delivery experiences as it will do nothing but make you anxious. Say no to stress and take adequate rest.

#2. No strenuous physical activity

Now is not the time deep clean the house or lift heavy weights. Remember to not sit down or stand up suddenly as this can cause cramps and might unexpectedly lower your sugar levels.

#3. No Unhealthy eating

Avoid alcohol, excess caffeine (discuss how much is OK with your doctor), excess sugar, and raw meat or raw eggs (they carry a risk of foodborne illnesses). Definitely, do not eat for two as this will lead you to put on unnecessary baby weight and has no advantages for the baby. However, continue to stay active and positive.

#4. No sitting in a sauna or hot tub

Though relaxing, the high-heat of hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and saunas may be too dangerous for expecting mothers. To relieve your aching joints and feet you could consider using warm (not too hot) packs or a warm bath. Continue moderate exercise or yoga in consultation with your doctor. Also Read: Is it safe to make love during pregnancy?

#5. No cleaning the cat’s litter box

Cat poop contain a bacteria which causes the infection toxoplasmosis. There is a minor chance that you can get infected and pass on the infection to the unborn baby leading to eye and brain damage in the baby. It is therefore best to let someone else handle this task throughout your pregnancy. You’ve successfully made it through 8 roller-coaster months of being pregnant and are almost there. Just follow these tips to stay safe and healthy. We wish you and your new arrival the very best! Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you