Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers: Which Is Better For My Baby?

Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers: Which Is Better For My Baby?

A common dilemma every new mother faces!!! Which diaper to choose?? Diapers are one of the unavoidable and messy things you have to handle as a parent. As a mother, you have to decide whether cloth diaper is best for you and for your baby or the disposable ones. Disposable vs. Cloth Diapers, which one is the right one for your baby?

The baby products market is flooded with numerous options in both cloth and disposable types. Button-down, Velcro, disposable lining etc. in cloth diapers and pant-style, wrapping-type etc. in disposable types are available.

Disposable vs. Cloth Diapers

There are moms who vouch by cloth diapers and there are moms who get disgusted by the mention of cloth diapers. Let us compare both cloth and disposable ones through various parameters. Let’s see the differences between Disposable vs. Cloth Diapers.

#1. Cost

Cloth diapers score over disposable ones in terms of cost. Since the cloth diapers are reused, the total cost of diapers until the time you toilet train your baby will be around 1/3rd that of disposable ones.

Disposable diapers are rather expensive compared to cloth ones. Though it can hold more moisture than the cloth ones, it cannot be reused. Also, diapers have to be changed whenever your baby poops irrespective of whether the diaper is wet or not.

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#2. Convenience

Cloth diapers do not offer convenience as much as the disposable ones do. It may not be the best thing to take your baby out in. However, there are plenty of options in cloth diapers nowadays with different materials, with removable linings, with waterproof bands around the waist etc.
Disposable diapers offer the maximum convenience as you can take your baby out or even travel with your baby without bothering about wet nappies. The fully wet diapers can be easily disposed of in any dustbin.

#3. Impact on environment

Cloth diapers win hands down in terms of lesser impact on the environment. They are easy to wash and dry and can be reused. However, since you have to change the diaper every time it gets wet, the quantity of water consumed in a day to wash them is high.
Used disposable diapers are one of the top contributors to non-biodegradable garbage in the world. The compounds used to manufacture these diapers are not safe for the environment, and the built-up landfills of these diapers pose a health hazard as well as environmental hazard.

#4. Absorbency

Cloth diapers are less absorbent as compared to disposable ones. It has to be changed every time your baby wets it. Wet cloth diapers can cause severe irritation and rashes on the baby’s delicate skin. Disposable diapers are highly absorbent and can hold at least 3-4 times of wetness without your baby feeling the wetness. The dry cover on the top gives a dry feeling to your baby even after wetting.

#5. Chemical Content

Most of the cloth diapers available are made of cotton and are chemical free. Some cloth diapers use biodegradable liners which are completely safe. However, some cloth diapers are made of a flannel material which may not be comfortable for your baby. Also, if colored dyes are used in the cloth to stitch cloth diapers, it may cause irritation to your little one’s skin.

Disposable diapers are made of absorbent gels and dry sheets on top, which are made of chemicals. It may cause allergies in many babies. Also, your baby’s sensitive skin will be in constant contact with the chemically made diapers.

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#6. Effect on the baby’s skin

Since most cloth diapers are made of cotton, the effect on the baby’s skin is minimal. However, if the cloth diapers are made of non-cotton material and are dyed, they can cause a severe allergic reaction on the baby’s skin. Since the wetness comes in direct contact with the baby’s skin every time it wets, it may cause infection on the skin and rashes also.
Though disposable diapers absorb the wetness giving a dry feeling to the baby, the direct and constant contact with the chemical-containing diaper may damage the baby’s skin.

#7. Potty training

Using cloth diapers are the best way to start potty training your baby. The feel of wetness makes them uncomfortable and gradually trains their mind to hold the urge and use the washroom.

However, disposable diapers absorb all the wetness and your baby will feel dry and comfortable even after wetting 3-4 times. It becomes difficult to train your baby to use the washroom.

#8. Ease of use

Nowadays, ready-made cloth diapers come in various options like a button-down, buckle, Velcro etc. They are easy to carry and to change also. However, if you are planning to go out, you have to always carry a bag to keep the soiled/wet diapers. Disposable diapers are very easy to use with Velcro and pant-style options. They can be carried everywhere easily and disposed of in a trash bin.

Now that you know how cloth and disposable diapers score over each other, you should be wondering which option to choose as each one has some pros and cons.

Disposables vs. Cloth Diapers, which is best for my baby?

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Before you decide, please keep the below points in mind.

  1. You can choose to use cloth diapers at home and disposable ones when you go out. This not only saves cost but also reduces non-biodegradable waste.
  2. While choosing cloth diapers, always go for undyed cotton ones as they are soft and comfortable.
  3. Wash cloth diapers using natural soaps and do not bleach.
  4. Never stock disposable diapers in bulk. Your baby might outgrow the size soon and you will be left with cartons of unused diapers.
  5. Always segregate the wet/soiled diapers as sanitary waste and do not mix it with biodegradable garbage.
  6. Try to use disposable diapers with natural absorbent materials rather than gel ones.
  7. If your baby gets diaper rashes, apply either coconut oil or diaper rash cream before putting on the diaper.
  8. Move completely to cloth diapers, when you plan to start potty training your baby.

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Dear Mommies, both disposable as well as cloth ones have some pros and cons. However, choose whichever is the best for you and your baby. If you have sufficient help at home to clean the wet cloth diapers every day, go for it. However, if you lack the time and help to attend to such duties, it makes sense to use disposable ones.

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