Diaper Rash: Causes & Ways to treat it naturally

Diaper Rash: Causes & Ways to treat it naturally

Does your baby’s diaper area look irritated, puffy, and red in colour? If yes, you could be looking at diaper rash. It is commonly caused by friction that develops when the baby’s skin gets rubbed against the diaper’s surface. Diaper rash can range from being mild with just a few red spots and can become worse with red bumps and the peeling of the top layer of baby’s affected skin area.

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Reasons for Diaper Rash

Some common factors that lead to diaper rash are –

  • Frequent urination and pooping in babies: Baby’s urinate and poop frequently, sometimes after every feed. If the baby’s skin is not wiped dry properly after cleaning the poop or if the diaper remains wet and heavy for prolonged periods, it can cause diaper rashes as the acid in the urine or poop irritates the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Friction: Your baby’s skin is much more delicate than yours. Any continuous abrasions with the diaper are likely to stress your baby’s skin leading to rashes.
  • Diaper fit: If the diaper is too tight or if it the material of diaper doesn’t suit your baby’s skin, it can lead to rashes.
  • Prolonged wetness: If the baby is left in soiled diapers and nappies for a long time it leaves little room for air circulation, reducing breathability of the skin. As a result there could be redness, inflammation, and in worst cases, even blisters.
  • Skin allergies: A baby’s delicate skin could be allergic to any of the products being used – wipes, detergent, baby soap or the material of the diapers. Make sure to use only 100% chemical free, safe baby products on delicate baby skin.
  • Bacterial or Yeast infection: Bacteria and yeast thrive in warm, moist areas, making the baby’s diaper area the perfect location for an infection. The fold’s of a baby’s skin are especially vulnerable to rashes caused by bacterial or yeast infection.
  • Unclean or improperly washed nappies: In case you use home-made cloth nappies, ensure that they are washed in warm water, with a baby-friendly detergent. Also ensure they are completely dry, preferably air dried in the sun as any moisture or traces of poop can cause diaper rashes.

Tips to get rid of diaper rashes

Follow these simple tips that can help you treat diaper rashes:

#1. Wash with water

It is better to wash rash prone skin with water and not with wipes. Sometimes, the chemicals/ingredients in the wipes can further irritate the rash or cause allergies in delicate skin. In case you use wipes, make sure they are toxin-free, hypoallergenic, and enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe vera . You can also use cotton pads dipped in water to gently wipe the area.

#2. Dry diaper area completely

Prolonged exposure to moisture is one of the major causes of diaper rashes. Ensure that the baby’s diaper area is completely dry between diaper changes. Leave the baby uncovered to air-dry after washing him and before putting on a new diaper.

#3. Use a natural diaper cream

Diaper Rash: Causes & Ways to treat it naturally

It helps to use natural diaper cream that is free of chemicals to apply on the rashes. Diaper creams can help soothe your baby’s itchy and irritated skin.

How to apply diaper cream

Make sure the area is completely dry before the application of diaper cream. Moisture can worsen the rashes. Pat dry the skin with the help of a soft towel. Apply the cream liberally on the affected area and let it absorb completely. Always do a patch test when applying any product on your baby’s skin.

It is important that the diaper cream you choose must be safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Natural ingredients like calendula extracts, shea and cocoa butter can really nourish the soft skin of your baby. The product you use on your baby’s skin should be free of chemicals like parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, fragrances etc.

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Diaper Rash: Causes & Ways to treat it naturally

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#4. Change diapers frequently

Changing the diapers at regular intervals is a must if your baby is suffering from diaper rashes. Strictly follow the timelines and change the diapers after every few hours.

#5. Switch diaper sizes

Babies grow quickly and so the size of the diaper can change very fast. The size of the diaper changes as the baby’s weight increases. Each diaper brand has different sizes for different weight brackets, so make sure to choose the size correctly.. Check if your baby has elastic imprints on the skin. If yes, it may be the time to get a bigger size.


Diaper rashes can cause a lot of discomfort to your baby, making him cranky and irritated. As the baby grows from a newborn to an infant, the skin starts resisting moisture and hence, the rashes gradually reduce. Until that time, follow these simple steps so that your baby is relaxed and comfortable.