Common Causes of Infection Indoors


Did you know?

The main reasons for common infections and allergies exist Inside Your Home

Wondering where these germs come from?

Here’s the answer:

1. Dry dusting let’s the dust settle from one surface to another and is one of the biggest reasons for bad air quality inside your house.

Always use a wet cloth to wipe surfaces.

2. We love our pets, but pet hairs and dander can be a reason for indoor infection.

Groom your pets often and keep them and your house healthy and germ-free

3. Using chemical based room fresheners often is harmful in the long run.

Switch to milder options like air purifying plants.

4. Smoking indoors can make your family suffer from passive smoking.

Don’t smoke, even if you are outdoors. QUIT SMOKING!

5. Mold growth is an indicator of germs and unhealthy walls which causes Infection

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6. We only focus on cleaning floors, when walls cover the maximum surface area in the house.

Prevent your walls from germs and bacteria

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