How I celebrated my pregnancy - Mom's story

How I celebrated my pregnancy - Mom's story

I never believed in love at first sight until I met my husband at the age of 24. The moment we laid eyes on each other we knew that this was meant to be. The sparks flew from both sides and before we knew it, we were married within just a few months of courting each other. We both wanted to enjoy every minute of our married life and for the first three to four years, we were not sure if we were ready to start a family yet. We always had our doubts about being able to raise kids at this point in our lives. But, when I was 27 years old, the unexpected happened. I started feeling all the symptoms of a possible pregnancy. And although it wasn’t the plan, the mere thought of us becoming parents was simply beautiful. I was elated and knew my husband would feel the same. But, I wanted to be sure before telling him. So, I got myself a Prega News kit of Mankind Pharmaceuticals, India’s No. 1 Pregnancy Detection Card to take the test and the line was purple! But, it was very faint. So, I decided to have myself checked. After all the blood tests and estrogen level checks, it was confirmed. We were going to be parents!

I didn't just want to state the news to my husband in a few words. I wanted us to cherish that moment forever. This would be one of the most exciting moments of our lives and I wanted it to be extra special. I knew that my husband put his wallet in the cupboard every day as a habit. So I decided to buy some baby products and put them in the usual place where he keeps his wallet. That day I went shopping and scanned through so many baby goodies, diapers, booties and several other things. Finally I zeroed in on a cute little baby bottle. The moment I saw it, I knew this would make the most obvious, perfect thing to disclose the news with. I waited impatiently for him to get home that evening. As he went into the room I followed close behind. He opened the cupboard, saw the bottle, and screamed in excitement, “What is this?” he said, both asking and exclaiming at the same time. I smiled and answered his question with a nod. He scooped me up in his arms in delight and I can never forget how he danced; how we danced together. It seems just like yesterday and every time I think of that moment I can’t stop laughing, giggling, and smiling. I remember how he sang silly ad jingles, completely unrelated, yet adorable, and we laughed so hard. I had only imagined what this moment would be like and when it happened, it was all that and so much more. The next person I could not wait to share this moment with was my brother. I remember when he was just four he asked my mom, “main mama kab banunga”. So I simply had to plan the reveal to make it a special and memorable moment for him as well.

As per plan, I first bought a baby t-shirt that read, ‘World’s Best Mama’. I then organized a family dinner and called everyone over. While we were all gathered at the table, in the middle of our meal, I got up and handed over the baby t-shirt to him. Everyone thought that I was pranking him by giving him a t-shirt that was too small for him. He opened it and I will never forget the look on his face. His face mirrored all emotions of happiness, confusion, expectations and a lot more, all rolled in an unforgettable smile. He looked at me and asked, “Really?“ I nodded and hugged my brother. He turned the t-shirt towards everyone and waved it as he jumped up and down. I had never been this happy. That evening was one of the the most memorable ones of my life. Through the rest of my pregnancy, I spent my time learning everything about the baby. The first thing on my agenda was to learn how to change a diaper. That done, I read extensively to gather all the information that I could about ways to care for an infant, what to expect during the different growth phases and the diet plans and recipes to follow. Through all this I had a strong feeling that we would be having a baby boy. Probably mums always have strong intuitions working when it comes to their babies because that is exactly what happened. I soon delivered healthy baby boy! And what a phase that was. My baby was eagerly awaited for we are a large family and my son is the first great grandson to the adorable elders of our family. It was a mega celebration! Prega News, for me, was what started this wonderful journey for us and I would not change even a single day of this experience. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have such a beautiful son, a doting husband, and the most supportive family in the world.

Roli Gaur Vashisht is a YouTuber who runs a popular YouTube channel RGV Love.