11 Bollywood Movies To Watch During Pregnancy

11 Bollywood Movies To Watch During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a lot of mood swings, discomforts and idle time. Majority of a woman’s time during pregnancy is spent thinking and contemplating about her condition. Despite of that, there are a lot many hours to spare when your baby is busy growing inside you. At such a time, Bollywood can serve as a pregnant woman’s BFF and also a rescue (when there’s information overload). From tough pregnancies, unsuitable surrogacies and pregnant teens to sugary-sweet rom-com and drama soirées, there are a plethora of entertaining Bollywood movies a mom-to-be can binge watch while there's a bun in her oven. Check out the list of 11 amusing movies to watch when you’re expecting.

1. Taare Zameen Par

A genuine story of an eight-year-old dyslexic boy, Taare Zameen Par is one Bollywood movie that won’t fail to strike a chord or two in any to- be- mommy's heart. If you wish to dig out your maternal side, solicit this sensation on your hit-list. It will help you learn that fact that no two kids can ever be same in terms of their abilities & skills and its plain unfair to compare one child with another.

2. Dear Zindagi

Lately been seeking out for a fresh, new perspective on life? Go watch Dear Zindagi! Featuring a super-talented set of stars, Dear Zindagi is like a whiff of fresh air on a chilly winter morning. It is anything but cliché and we bet you wouldn’t have seen such a movie in Bollywood ever before. From battling your fears and not suffering in silence to loving fearlessly and crying fiercely, this light-hearted flick will teach you so much and leave you with priceless wisdom about love, life, and hope. What’s more, the beat of the tunes will have you tapping your feet and swaying gently. So pop up some snacks and get ready to cry, smile & laugh as you drift through the story of a young girl and her sweet-sour relationship with life.

3. English Vinglish

With the super-talented Sridevi in the lead, English Vinglish is a heartfelt story of a sweet & simple housewife who is often made fun of by her educated English speaking husband & children. It’s her incompetence to speak English fluently that makes her go unnoticed in the family. This is one movie you must watch to realize your identity as an individual. No matter whether a woman gets married or has a baby, she must always fulfill her roles towards herself.

4. Kahaani

Deploying the art of skillful storytelling, Kahaani is a movie for all those pregnant mommies who are looking for some mystery and thrilling drama. As the name suggests, Kahaani’s core strength is its story, along with remarkable acting and wonderful direction. The plot revolves around a pregnant woman who travels down to Kolkata from London, looking for her husband who was here for work but apparently went missing. With no male in the leading position, the actual hero of Kahaani is indeed its story.

5. Paa

A heart-touching movie, Paa beautifully depicts the connection between a single mom and her son suffering from progeria- a very uncommon disorder wherein symptoms of aging are visible at an early age. The turning point comes when that young boy finds out his dad, who happens to be a new-gen politician. Auro’s insightful one-liners and comebacks on life, love, and hope are sure to leave you energized and incited. If you wish to learn the meaning of selfless, unconditional love, watch this movie right away!

6. Tere Sang: A kidult Love Story

This kidult drama movie begins with a cliché story of a young girl from an affluent family falling in love with another teen belonging to the lower middle-class society. Drama and fires flair up when these two hormone-ridden teenagers fall in the mushy-emotion called love, with an unplanned pregnancy pouring salt over the wounds. The plot further surprises when the parents of these teenagers find them missing and file a complaint at the police station. The story then explores the dimension of teen pregnancy, with the child being born and the case being carried forward to the court.

7. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

A little older in the lot, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke is a movie about surrogate pregnancy. The plot revolves around a happily married couple who face troubles in conceiving. With the increasing pressure for family, they decide to go in for surrogacy and hire a woman for the same. The problem and drama begin when the very same surrogate mother falls for the father of the child. This movie gained immense success as it was one rare Bollywood flick to deal with issues like surrogacy and miscarriage.

8. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Looking for some inciting romantic scenes, sugar-dipped dialogues, peppy music, and a KJo feel? Just get the DVD of Yeh Jawani hai Dewani! Living up to its name, YJHD is one Bollywood movie that’s super sensational, crazy and amusing to watch during your pregnancy. With a rocking star cast, YJHD revolves around the story of a young girl Naina who happens to be a nerdy A-list student. Give yourself a little break from the thoughts of your baby and catch up on some sizzling romance with YJHD!

9. Salam Namaste

Battling the taboo of live-in relationships and pregnancy without marriage, Salam Namaste totally stands out from the crowd of other B-town movies. It’s a totally fresh take on relationships and love. The plot revolves around a young couple who like the idea of love but also have their careers as a priority. The happening and full of life movie leaves us with meaningful insight on the fact that falling in love is easy, staying in love is the real deal. Infused with comedy, this romantic drama is sure to enliven up your pregnancy.

10. Dil Dhadakne Do

An amazing take on the complex lives of affluent people, Dil Dhadakne Do is an entertaining concoction of drama, love, romance, tears, happiness and joy. It skilfully depicts the hypocritical and ironical world we all live in and leaves us replete with the wisdom that it’s important to give a little freedom to those we love. The entire star cast is super-talented and avant-garde, but we bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off Ranveer Singh.

11. Heyy Baby

A comedy movie, Heyy Babyy is a little on the gross side. Nevertheless, it turns interesting when three philanderers see everything changing when a baby arrives into their lives. Drama flairs up when they actually begin to fall in love with this little girl but her parents arrive to take her back.  The highlight of this movie is the adorable little girl who revolutionizes the lives of those three irresponsible men. Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you