Beta, Khana Khaya Kya

Beta, Khana Khaya Kya

Maa ke haanth ka khana aur Chaataa, dono hi lajawab hota hain!!

True or not??! If you’ve been a 90’s kid, then this sentence holds true for you, as much as it does for me, doesn’t it?

Whenever we felt hungry, coming home from school we remember how we took for granted the fact that mommy would have something hot and delicious waiting for us. And she always did!! Whether it was the humble Aloo Prarthana, Chole Bature or something as simple as quick as Maggi. We used to love eating anything she put on the table!

It was a different story when it came to lunch and dinner though!! I remember how we used to keep troubling my mom as kids by saying “Kya yeh roz roz dal, chawal sabji” and hurtful things like “Yeh kya khane ki chez hain” and the kicker “Yeh kitna ghatiya hain, Ranjit Bhaiya ko hi khila do, main nahi khaonge” (Referring to our servant) And how she always maintained her calm, and only sometimes lost her cool – but all the while insisting we eat our meals on time.

And today let me confess, that I have become a smaller version of my mom! And this didn’t happen overnight – slowly over the days…. From “mothering” the hubby by asking “Khana Khaya Kya” when he went on his outstation trips to now feeding (sometimes force feeding) my 3 year old kiddo!! From eating so much junk food, to only craving my mom’s home made food – I now can’t eat anything except her “ghisi piti” sabji and roti. The transformation is complete!!

I remember getting bugged, as a child why is mommy forcing me to eat lunch when I’m not hungry. When my own son misses a single meal, or doesn’t finish the last two spoons – I realise how my mom must have felt when we didn’t eat on time.

After running after my son and finishing my housework, and feeding and putting the kiddo to sleep – I lose track of time, and sometimes even forget to have lunch. Then I miss your nagging, your love and your insistence that I eat my food on time – there is no one to do to it for me anymore.

And as I finally get exhausted cajoling him to finish his lunch and go to sleep, I don’t even have the energy to get up and fetch myself a plate. Looking at him soundly sleeping, I consider taking a short nap – I get a call from my mom asking the age old question “Beta, Khana Khaya Kya?” How do they always find out!!?!! 🙂


Anjana is an imperfect mom stumbling through motherhood, discovering the joys of natural and
attachment parenting! Glass jars hoarder and abhorrer of all things plastic! She is a strong believer
of when we know better, we do better!

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