7 Best Sex Positions To Conceive Faster

7 Best Sex Positions To Conceive Faster

Once you have decided to have a baby, you would like to start trying immediately to conceive. But although it’s no rocket science, still planning the same in advance, helps improve chances of conceiving. Gynecologists suggests certain positions that would help you conceive much faster than the rest. In this article, we will take about the best sex positions to conceive faster.

Also before trying for a baby its always helpful to get a health check up done, to ensure that you and your partner are in the best of health to plan for a child. So once you and your partner are sure that you want a baby, then one can start by keeping a track on the ovulation cycle to find out the most fertile days of the month. Once you have been able to establish when you are ovulating, you can then start trying for a baby!

Best Sex Positions To Conceive Faster

Here are 7 best sex positions to conceive faster, compared to other positions:

#1. Missionary

This is a position that favours gravity, thereby helping the sperm to flow into the vaginal opening and swim towards the cervix. This is the conventional position in which the man is on the top and the woman below. You can also place a pillow under your bottom, to help the sperm move better.

#2. Doggie Style

In this position, the man enters from behind, while the woman is on her all fours. This allows for deeper penetration, which increases chances of conceiving. Here the sperm is delivered nearer to the cervix, which gives it an added advantage.

#3. Legs On Shoulder

This position again favors the gravity. In this case the woman lies on her back and places her legs on the man’s shoulder, allowing for deeper penetration. This position helps the sperm to be delivered nearer to the cervix , thereby helping it to reach the egg faster.

#4. Anvil Position

This is one of the variants of the missionary position. In this the woman has to raise her legs above her head. This position offers for deeper penetration, thereby increasing chances of conceiving. This position also helps stimulating the woman’s G – Spot, thereby helping her to get an orgasm. When a woman gets an orgasm during sex, it helps her to conceive faster !

#5. Glowing Triangle Position

Although similar to missionary position, this has a slight variation. Here the woman lies on her back while the man enters her in a sitting position from the front while rashing her waists slightly up. She has her legs wrapped around her partner. Since this position favours gravity, the chances of conceiving are much higher.

#6. Magic Fountain Position

This is similar to the doggy position. In this the man bends over the body of the woman such that the woman’s back his against his chest. Since this posting also allows for deeper penetration, chances of conceiving becomes much higher.

#7. Side By Side Scissors

In the position both the partners lies side by side facing each other, as the man enters the woman. This position is stimulating as well as provides for deeper penetration, thereby allowing the sperm to swim faster.

The above mentioned seven position gives the sperm an advantage of swimming faster across to meet the egg, thereby increases your chances of conceiving largely. Apart from these, here are a few tips that would help you conceive faster.

6 Tips That Would Help You Conceive Faster

  • Cut down on your consumption of tea and coffee. Too much consumption of these hot beverages affects your reproductive health and lowers your chances of conceiving.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking is not only injurious for health but can lead to infertility or genetically deforemed eggs
  • Its better if your partners avoids wearing very tight or constrictive underpants. This affects his sperm production and quality of sperms.
  • Keep both your mind and body healthy, to increase chances of conceiving. Also maintaining a healthy body weight will help.
  • Lie down for at least 15 minutes after intercourse. This gives the sperm a better chance of reaching the eggs.
  • Don’t immediately use the washroom after having sex. Small amounts of sperm might get washed out during urination.

Also, it would help to keep in mind, don’t take conceiving as a task to achieve. This increases stress which would adversely affect your chances of conceiving. Instead, having sex in a gap of every 2 to 3 days throughout the month, would help you get pregnant faster. Also spend some quality time with your partner, relax and enjoy. A relaxed body can conceive faster than a stressed out one. At the end of it all, keep your fingers crossed. Your little one will soon be on his or her way, to be a part of your lives!

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