Benefits Of Olive Oil During Pregnancy & How to Use

Benefits Of Olive Oil During Pregnancy & How to Use

When a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes extremely cautious of what she eats or what she uses on her skin. A healthy diet becomes an essential part of her life. With many companies using chemicals in their beauty products, it is best to go the natural way during this beautiful phase. If one were to find out the benefits of olive oil during pregnancy, they would be quite surprised. 

Many women believe in including coconut oil, olive oils and other natural oils in their diet. Sometimes you are just not sure and are contemplating about which oils to use and which to avoid. We bring to you the benefits of olive oil during your pregnancy. Olive oil is considered to be one of the best options for using, amongst all other oils; not only during pregnancy but otherwise as well.

Is Olive Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Olive oil is extremely safe and should be included in a pregnant woman’s diet. It has many benefits for a pregnant woman and also is very beneficial for the unborn baby as well. Olive oil is a common name used in cooking in countries like Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy. Olive oil is rich in dietary fibre, a rich source of monounsaturated fats,Vitamin E and Iron. The oil is extracted from the Olive fruit and is very gentle on the stomach which makes it super safe for use during pregnancy.

How to Use Olive Oil During Pregnancy

So first let’s discuss about how to use Olive Oil during pregnancy. It can be consumed and applied, both. If applied, it helps in preventing stretch marks and controls hair fall that many moms face during pregnancy.
You can take 1 tablespoon and massage gently on the tummy twice a day.
For hair, it can be applied thrice a week 2 hours before head-wash.
Again for consumption, it can be used for stir frying or in salads as a dressing. When consumed, it not only prevents cardiovascular diseases in expecting mothers but also has many benefits for the foetus as well like, aids in brain and eye development of your baby.

Let us now look at the various health benefits of olive oil during pregnancy:

#1. Helps in Fighting Infections

Pregnancy can make the immune system sluggish and make pregnant women an easy prey to infections and recovery might take a little more time than usual. But since olive oil is a rich source of Vitamin A, including this oil in your diet will help you build a strong immune system. Also, Vitamin A is extremely beneficial for the eyes. It will improve the eye health of not only the mother but also of the unborn baby.

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#2. Helps in improving reflexes in the baby

There have been many researches that have shown that babies whose mothers have olive oil during pregnancy showed good reflexes as compared to mothers who did not consume olive oil. The babies whose mother’s consume olive oil have better psychomotor reflexes.

#3. A good source of Vitamin E

Olive oil is not a great source of vitamin E but the content of Vitamin E present in olive oil is beneficial and enough for pregnant women. The presence of Vitamin E in olive oil acts as an agent to lower heart related risks in pregnant women. It also lowers health risks related to liver and kidney in women having premature babies. Babies who breastfeed can receive Vitamin E from the mother’s feed who is consuming olive oil. This benefits the pancreas and kidney functions in the baby. Vitamin E also prepares the baby better to get accustomed to the air filled atmosphere outside the womb.

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#4. Helps in reducing stretch marks

Including olive oil not just in your diet, but applying olive oil on the skin can have immense benefits. During pregnancy the pelvic muscles and stomach muscles stretch in order to accommodate the unborn baby. This may result in stretch marks on the skin. Regular application of olive oil on the skin will help in reducing the stretch marks and constant application not only lightens them but may make them disappear completely. Olive oil needs to be applied twice, in the morning and at night, everyday in order to see visible results.

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#5. Beneficial for the developments of the fetus’ heart and brain

Olive oil is very rich in healthy fats and Omega-3 fatty acids which also is a source of DHA required by the mother and the fetus both. These are essential nutrients that help in producing a healthy nervous system and immune system of the baby. The last trimester of pregnancy benefits the most from olive oil consumption as that is the peak time when baby’s nervous systems develop. These healthy fats help in the development of brain cells as well, a healthy heart and can help fight diabetes later in life too. It also positively improves the height and weight of the unborn baby.


#6. Helps in gaining a clear complexion

Pregnancy brings many hormonal changes and these changes can show on a woman’s skin and complexion. An olive oil based cleanser can keep the skin hydrated and moisturised. Olive oils on skin can also remove dead skin and clear pores. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties which also helps to ease aches and pains during pregnancy.

Olive oil can be a very good inclusion in your diet. But if you are using olive oil for the first time, it is best to discuss it with your doctor first.

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