6 Amazing Benefits Of Extra Light Olive Oil

6 Amazing Benefits Of Extra Light Olive Oil

Delicious food has always been a great way to keep the conversation flowing, to make new friends, and to show someone how much you care. Family recipes get passed down from generation to generation, almost like an heirloom. In India, it is no different; a mother and daughter bond immensely over their shared love of food. India is such a diverse country with such a diverse food palette. Over the years, the way we cook our staples have changed, slowly paving way for one major change – the oil we use – olive oil. Olive oil is all the rage among food connoisseurs and health freaks and for good reason; it’s light and loaded with benefits. Most people are aware that Olive Oil is a healthier option, but they don’t really understand the specifics of the different grades of Olive Oil. For example, have you heard of Extra Light Olive Oil? Read on…

What Is Extra Light Olive Oil?

Simply put, olive oil is the oil that has been extracted from the fruit of olive trees. However, there are many types of olive oil, obtained through various stages of processing and filtering. Extra Light Olive Oil is one such grade. Most people assume that extra light virgin oil is lower in calories than “regular” Olive Oil, but the term “light” actually refers to the oil’s lighter flavour and colour.

Benefits Of Extra Light Olive Oil

Let’s take a look at the amazing benefits of Extra Light Olive Oil:

#1. Ideal For Indian Cooking

Indians are known all over for their artful skills of making the best curries. But this isn’t the only thing we are good at. We also love our aloo pooris, our gajar ka halwas, our chai and samosa combo among a host of delicacies. Although these dishes are to die for, they also require quite a bit of oil based frying, which can end up being extremely unhealthy. Extra light olive oil can be a perfect substitute for the vegetable oil you normally use. Its mild flavour won’t interfere with the inherent taste of the spices you use, and it’s low on calories as well. You can try Disano’s Extra Light Olive Oil for deep-frying, grilling and sauteing as well.

#2. Zero Cholesterol

Our liver makes cholesterol and it is also found in some foods such as meat and dairy products. A diet rich in cholesterol can increase our risk of coronary artery disease. Switch to Disano’s Extra Light Olive Oil as it has zero cholesterol. By using this cholesterol-free oil in everyday meals, it may help in reducing cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and blood clots as well.

#3. No Trans Fat

Trans fat or trans-fatty acids are a form of unsaturated fat. They come in natural and artificial forms. Although natural fats aren’t a threat to health, artificial ones can be harmful. Clinical and observational studies suggest that trans fats can increase your chances of diseases and although there has been no clear evidence, it is also suggested that trans fats makes one susceptible to diabetes. Hence, one should cook their food in extra light olive oil which has 0% trans fat.

#4. High Smoke Point

Extra light olive oil has a higher smoke point than most grades of olive oil, so it can endure hotter temperatures before breaking down. When oil is extremely heated, it breaks down and produces by-products such as polar compounds which may be detrimental to health. Even at 240 degrees C, extra light olive oil remains unchanged. Re-using regular cooking oil can be harmful to health and is one of the leading causes of cholesterol while re-using extra light olive oil is not harmful at all. This makes extra light olive oil one of the best cooking oils for high flame cooking.

#5. MUFA & PUFA (Monounsaturated And Polyunsaturated Fats)

Extra light olive oil is a good source of MUFA and PUFA. They are healthy types of fat which can offer many health benefits. It can lower your risk of heart diseases, helps in improving the function of your blood vessels and may reduce inflammation as well. Disano’s extra light olive oil is loaded with 75% healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as compared to the average corn oil and sunflower oil which has 25% and 20% MUFAs and PUFAs respectively.

#6. Good For Digestion

Extra light olive oil is not just a healthy option as it won’t leave you feeling full and bloated, it is also great for your digestive system. You can easily digest anything you eat as extra light olive oil slows down the process of acid overproduction.