Benefits of Almond Oil For Babies

Benefits of Almond Oil For Babies

When it comes to the proper growth and development of her baby, a mom cuts absolutely no corners. From providing the right nutrition, keeping the baby mentally active to protecting the baby at all times, a mom does it all. A good massage is a part of every mother’s regime to ensure that her baby gets the best. The only dilemma is choosing the best oil for a baby massage. This is where almond oil for babies come to the rescue. 

Benefits of almond oil for babies

Here are some benefits of almond oil for babies that you should know about when you are choosing the perfect option for your little one:

#1. Relieves cradle cap

Cradle cap is a type of dermatitis that is very common in newborn babies. The skin on the top of the head becomes extremely flaky and dry and looks quite similar to dandruff. To prevent this from getting worse, a good massage with almond oil is highly recommended.   

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#2. Keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated

One of the most important benefits of almond oil for babies is that it is loaded with Vitamin E. This helps nourish and moisturize the skin to prevent any dryness and flakes in the skin. Almond oil is also known to improve the complexion of your baby’s skin. During winters, especially, almond oil is highly beneficial in keeping the sensitive skin of the baby protected. The added benefit of almond oil is that it is rich in potassium and zinc that makes the nails shiny and healthy.

#3. Soothes the baby

Do you find it hard to get your baby to sleep? Then, a relaxing almond oil massage might be the answer to this. The smell of the oil is pleasant, relaxing your baby’s senses. It also improves blood circulation and improves the baby’s quality of sleep.

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#4. Safe for the baby

Almond oil is one of the safest options for your baby. In fact, sweet almond oil is also edible. So even if your baby licks some of the oil off after a massage, you do not have to worry too much.

#5. Nourishes the baby’s hair

Even adults know that almond oil works wonders for the hair. It is one of the best ways to improve hair growth. The combination of Vitamin E and magnesium add to the benefits of using almond oil for babies. Massaging the scalp well will ensure that your baby has thick and lustrous hair.

#6. Improves bone strength

Almond oil is also rich in Vitamin D. This is a very important vitamin to help the bones retain calcium and become stronger. When you massage your baby’s body with almond oil, Vitamin D is absorbed, making way for stronger and much healthier bones.

#7. Better digestion

The laxative effect of almond oil adds to the almond oil benefits for babies. Massaging a small amount of almond oil mixed with lukewarm water on the baby’s tummy can improve digestion and prevent issues like constipation and colic pain.

#8. Provides sun protection

Almond oil has SPF 5 which makes it one of the best oils to keep your baby protected from the harmful effects of the sun. Almond oil is also used to remove any tan, skin discolouration and make the skin appear lighter. The vitamin E in almond oil also keeps the skin of your baby protected from harsh effects of the sun such as a sunburn.

#9. Keeps eyelashes healthy

This is yet another almond oil benefits for babies that most moms vouch for. Magnesium and vitamin E that is abundant in almond oil helps the eyelashes of your baby become lush and healthy.   

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#10. Boosts immunity

Almond oil is an antioxidant and is also known to keep any infections at bay. Regular massages with almond oil can also improve the immunity of your baby.

Precautions while using almond oil for babies

Although almond oil is safe for the most part, there are some precautions that you need to take when you are using almond oil for a massage, such as:

  • Ensure that your baby does not have any allergies. You need to be additionally sure if you have a family history of allergies to nuts and nut products. You can check by using a small drop of almond oil and waiting for 2-3 days for any reaction.
  • Check the expiry date on the product that you are using to make sure that it is safe for the baby.
  • Ensure that the oil does not enter the ears, eyes, navel or nose of the baby as it may cause infections.
  • Too much oil can lead to skin rashes. If you plan to give you baby a bath immediately after the massage, wipe the extra oil off and then bathe the baby.

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