11 Incredible Benefits of Sattu and Easy Sattu Recipes

11 Incredible Benefits of Sattu and Easy Sattu Recipes

Sattu is a superfood with some amazing benefits for kids as well as adults. Sattu is most popular in Bihar where children and adults enjoy drinking Sattu sherbet, especially in summer. Largely underestimated, it is actually quite filling and healthy.

Sattu is roasted gram flour which is high in nutrition quotient. Talking about Sattu nutrition, it is rich in protein, energy, fiber, iron, manganese, calcium, etc. Here, we will list down some incredible Sattu benefits along with some lip-smacking Sattu recipes.

Benefits of Sattu

Sattu has some amazing health benefits for children and adults. Some of them are summarized below:

  • Nutritional benefits: Sattu is made in such a manner that it keeps the nutrients intact. Sattu is high in protein, insoluble fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium. The composition of 100 gram of Sattu includes 20% of protein, 7% of fat, 1% of fiber, 65% of carbohydrates, 3% of ash, and 3% of moisture.
  • Acts as a Coolant: Sattu is a great coolant. The people often give their children Sattu sherbet which not only satiates their thirst in summer but also cools the body by tapering down the temperature of the body considerably. With a glass of Sattu everyday, heat stroke can never affect you.
  • Increases energy: There are benefits of drinking Sattu empty stomach. A morning glass of Sattu sherbet will keep you or your child energetic all day. Children often get tired and exhausted after coming from school or after playing in the open playground. The sweating drains the energy. At this time, Sattu sherbet acts as a savior and makes you active.
  • Aids digestion: The high fiber content in Sattu detoxes the body. Fiber rich food is good for intestinal tract which aids the digestion and smoothens the bowel system. If your child often complains of constipation or indigestion, you must give him a serving of Sattu every day. It will relax his bloated stomach and will regularize the digestion too.
  • Good for skin: Other than the health benefits, Sattu can also enhance your cosmetic value. A regular intake of Sattu can make your facial skin glowing. Since Sattu is rich in iron, it elevates your energy level and makes the skin glow.Sattu also keeps body and skin hydrated. Sattu also prevents the damage of the skin cells. Not only skin, Sattu has great benefits for hair as well. Sattu is known to provide nutrients to the follicles of the hair.
  • Increases Muscle mass: Sattu is responsible for the growth of muscle mass, and hence it is strongly recommended that you feed your child at least two spoons of Sattu everyday.
  • Good for diabetics: Sattuhas low-glycaemic index and hence can be a reliever for the diabetic patients. A glass of Sattu everyday can keep your blood sugar well in control.
  • Good for Blood pressure: Sattualso manages the blood pressure of the body. Sattu has low sodium. To keep your BP in control, have a glass of Sattu with water and a very little salt.
  • Controls cholesterol: Drinking Sattu,which is rich in fiber, is extremely good for the people who complain of high cholesterol.

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Easy Sattu Recipes

Some delicious and savory Sattu recipes are listed here.

Sattu Mojito Recipe

To prepare a healthy and nutritious drink to freshen you, mix a tablespoon of Sattu, a glass of water, some lemon juice, mint leaves, cumin powder, and salt. Shake well and serve.


Sattu Paratha Recipe

Knead flour dough. Prepare the Sattu filling by adding chopped green chili, chopped coriander, chopped garlic, chopped ginger, chopped onion, salt, and some oil to the Sattu. Fill this mixture in a dough roundel, and flatten to make a paratha. Roast it from both sides on a pan while adding some oil. Hot Sattu parathas are ready.


Sattu Cutlets Recipe

This dish will surely be loved by the children. Mix some paneer, boiled and mashed potatoes, oats, chili powder, corn flour, salt, in a bowl. Now take a separate bowl and make a filling of Sattu flour, cashew powder, coriander powder, chili powder, garam masala powder, garlic powder, and cumin powder.

Now flatten the potato mixture in your palm and add the filling. Lock from all the sides and shape them in cutlets. You can make some interesting shapes make it tempting and appetizing for your children. Shallow fry these cutlets in a pan.

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Sattu Laddoos Recipe

If your child has a sweet tooth, try this. It is also one of the easiest recipes ever. Mix honey, ghee, and Sattu in a bowl. Shape them into ballsand the delicious laddoos are ready.


Litti-Chokha Recipe

Traditionally, a Bihari delicacy, which has now become a popular food globally. It is served with chokha which is made of potato, brinjal, and tomatoes. To prepare litti, make Sattu filling by adding green chilies, roasted cumin seeds, finely chopped ginger, finely chopped garlic, finely chopped onion, dry mango powder, salt, chopped coriander, oil, and carom seeds to Sattu. Fill this mix into a dough, and fry or roast the round littis.

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