A Comprehensive Age-Wise Vaccination Schedule For Your Child

A Comprehensive Age-Wise Vaccination Schedule For Your Child

Making sure that your baby gets the necessary vaccinations at the right age is crucial in preventing several deadly illnesses and having a vaccination schedule will definitely come in handy. Between the age of 0-6 years is when the most important vaccinations should be given to the child. The idea of these vaccinations is to make sure that the child is immune before he or she may encounter the factors that cause a disease. Parents are often worried about missing the scheduled vaccines and with a vaccination schedule, parents can easily keep track.

To make this simpler and easier for you to manage, here is the complete vaccination schedule or vaccination chart that you need to follow to make sure that your baby is safe from deadly illness.

Why should you give vaccinations early to babies?

At a younger age, the risk of developing infectious diseases is higher as the immune system is still developing. Not getting the necessary vaccinations can lead to diseases like pneumococcal disease or even whooping cough that can even prove to be fatal for young children. Therefore, the earlier you start vaccinations, the safer your child will be.

You can follow this simple vaccination schedule or vaccination chart for your child’s timely immunization:

Important facts about vaccinations:

  • Unlike popular belief, vaccinations do not overstress your little one’s immune system. A baby’s immune system is warding off thousands of germs each day. Vaccinations are extremely mild and do not affect the immune system.
  • It is necessary to provide more than one dose when recommended, as some diseases need more doses of the vaccinations for the body to be immune. With some vaccinations, the second or third dose is needed as the effect of the vaccination can fade away with time.
  • Children can be given combination vaccines to prevent more than one disease.
  • It is never recommended to delay vaccinations. Since spreading out a vaccine over longer durations dilutes its effectiveness.
  • By giving the right shot at the right age, you can help strengthen your little one’s immunity significantly.
  • In some cases, it is possible to have your child vaccinated even when he or she is unwell. However, only your pediatrician can decide these exceptions.

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