5 Acupressure Points Which Will Give You Pain Relief During Pregnancy

5 Acupressure Points Which Will Give You Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a life-changing experience, an empowering one and one of the most unforgettable moments of any woman’s life but it does come with its fair share of drama and pain as well. Cramps, gas and bloating, constipation and ligament aches are common pains during pregnancy. Sometimes, you may feel a sharp throbbing pain in your uterus area but most of these pains are completely harmless. However, if extreme pain persists for a few days, visit your doctor immediately.

There are many ways to relieve different types of pain in different body parts but today we will be focussing on how you can use acupressure to get rid of your pain during pregnancy. Let’s understand what acupressure is and its benefits before we delve into acupressure points to relieve pain.

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What is acupressure?

Acupressure is the process of pressing or applying pressure on certain pressure points in the body with the aim of relieving pain or getting rid of it altogether. It’s principles are the same as acupuncture, i.e., to boost and promote wellness and relaxation, to destress, so as to treat illnesses or bodily pain. Acupressure aims to restore a person to health by balancing the yin and yang (negative and positive energy) present in the body.

What are the benefits of acupressure?

Acupressure is said to not only heal pain in the physical sense but also claims to treat the energy fields in our mind and spirit as well. Some say that acupressure therapists are able to pass on their positive energy into their patients bodies as well. Other benefits of acupressure include:

  • Helps relax the mind and body
  • Increases blood circulation and energy levels
  • Can help in inducing labour
  • Pain relief
  • Pain relief during pregnancy
  • Relieves nausea

5 Acupressure Points For Pain Relief During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, acupressure comes as a fresh breath of air to get rid of pain caused by different things, especially when pain-relief medicines are generally not administered. Acupressure is a drug-free and safe way to treat pain during pregnancy. Let’s look at a few pressure points which can help you relieve pain:

#1. Pericardium Six (For Nausea)

pericardium six

This pressure point will help you get rid of nausea. Place your right thumb on your left wrist (a little below the crease of the wrist). Press that area with your right thumb deeply for about 30 seconds. The Pericardium Six is connected to the stomach, hence, it can ease out the feeling of vomiting. You can alternate this process on both wrists.

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#2. Acupressure Stomach Pt 44 (For Heartburn)

This point is for easing heartburns, which will be a common sort of pain you will have to deal with throughout your pregnancy. Use your thumb or index finger (whichever is convenient) to press the area in your sole between the second and third toes. Press this spot for 5 seconds and make circles with your finger while pressing. This process can take away the heat caused by heartburn. Repeat the process in both feet.

#3. The Three Mile (For Constipation)

the three mile

Constipation is another major problem that most pregnant women complain about and it can put undue pressure in the anus and stomach as well. To cure this problem, use the Three Mile or Stomach 36 procedure. Using your index and middle finger, press the area under the knee (measure a width of three fingers below your kneecap). Press hard for 10 seconds and make circles in the spot. Change the direction of the circles in about 20 seconds. Doing this can help in intestinal disorders, relieves stomach aches and boosts your digestive system as well.

#4. Reflexology Remedy (For Headaches)

This point stimulates the reflex area to the brain when pressed and helps in releasing negative energy compressed inside our body, soothes headaches and sends positive and healing energy throughout our whole body. Sit cross-legged and pinch the press the bottom of your big toe with your index finger for 10 seconds (right hand – right toe/ left hand left toe).

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#5. The Third Eye (For Sleep Problems)

Pain can be physical, but pain can also be mental. It can come in the form of anxiety, stress and headaches. Lack of sleep during pregnancy is one of the leading causes of mental stress and pain. To sleep peacefully for long hours, use our index finger to apply pressure in the area between your eyebrows. Another process you can try is placing your middle finger behind your ears, at the base of the skull. Press the area where you feel a slight depression for 20 seconds.

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