The Best And The Most Accurate Ovulation Calculator For Pregnancy

The Best And The Most Accurate Ovulation Calculator For Pregnancy

The concept and the acceptance of the ovulation calculator for pregnancy have gained considerable significance in recent times. In a busy corporate life, the partners hardly get time to spend with each other. This is hugely impacting their desire to have a kid and enjoy parenthood. Under this scenario when you have a tight schedule and less time, if you get to know your ovulation days, it will undoubtedly be a great help to you to get pregnant fasterHere, we attempt to make you understand everything about the accurate ovulation calculator for pregnancy.

Identifying your ovulation days

The traditional way to determine your ovulation days is to look for a few signs to identify if you are ovulating and are ready for conception. Some of the signs of ovulation are:

  • When you are ovulating, there will be a significant increase in your basal body temperature by half or one degree. You can easily get to know your body temperature by using a thermometer
  • Increased cervical mucus
  • Change in hormones making you feel dull or nauseated
  • Headaches
  • Wider cervix
  • Your vaginal discharge will be more clear, thin, and rubbery
  • Sensitive nose
  • Sore nipples
  • Tender breasts
  • Bloating in the stomach especially lower abdomen
  • Spotting or light bleeding
  • Aching in the pelvic area
  • Cramps in the stomach or around the vagina

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Ovulation calculator

The ovulation calendar or menstrual cycle ovulation calculator is used to identify the most fertile days of the women. This is the best time when the partners can have a relation between them and start a family.

The ovulation calculator can be of different types. If you do not want to go with the traditional method of identifying your fertile days, you can use the ovulation calculator which is available online or in the market.

Types of ovulation calculator for pregnancy

The first type of ovulation calculator for pregnancy is the ovulation calculator app which you can download and use. The calculator will ask the start date of your last period and your usual menstrual cycle length. Then it will give you an estimate of your ovulation days. Using an online ovulation calculator, you can customize the same for your menstrual cycle.

The second option is to use the ovulation strips that are available in the market. It calculates your ovulation days on the basis of your LH surge. This ovulation calculator strip detects your fertile days by testing the hormonal changes in the urine. The ovulation test strips brand claim to be more accurate than the calendar methods.

However, it depends on your choice and preference which one to go with. Both are good and accurate most of the times in defining your ovulation and both are used extensively.

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How to calculate ovulation?

Mostly, a woman ovulates after 14 days of her period beginning date as most of the women have a 28-day menstrual cycle. However, assuming that your cycle is 30 days, you will ovulate 16 days after your period starts and not after 14 days. To avoid any difficulty and confusion, it is better to use an ovulation calculator or ovulation tracker where you just have to mention some information and let the tool calculate the fertile days for you. Ovulation tool calculates your ovulation depending on the number of days of your menstrual cycle and your period start date.

As mentioned above. The ovulation calculators online work and calculate your fertile days using the calendar method. The menstrual cycle of every woman is different. Hence, the first thing the ovulation calculator will ask you is to mention your first day of the last period date. When you mention the same, the nest question that the ovulation calculator will come up with is the length of your average menstrual cycle. After you punch in the number of days of your average menstrual cycle, it will start calculating your ovulation cycle. For more accuracy, sometimes some apps or online ovulation calculators also ask you first date of the previous menstrual period. When you mention that as well, it will show you the results. You will get to know your fertile window in a matter of a few minutes.

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It is important to ovulate if you want to get pregnant because only when you ovulate your egg will be released. A cycle that happens without ovulation, cannot have the pregnancy. Though it is not necessary to ovulate at the time of intercourse. The women are most fertile on their day of ovulation but as sperm is as good for five days and the egg can allow the same for 12-24 hours, the overall fertile window is for about 6 days. A sperm lies in the fallopian tube and waits for the release of the egg, this is the reason why the days nearing the ovulation hold importance for conception.

Ovulation calculator

Some people believe that the timing of the intercourse can be decisive of the gender of the baby. It is believed that the male sperm swims faster and elopes sooner while the female sperm swims slower but remains for a longer time. If you have intercourse 2-3 days prior to ovulation, you will have better chances of having a girl and having intercourse 1 day before or on the ovulation day, you will conceive a boy. It may or may not work for you.

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