5 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Sridevi

5 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Sridevi

In an industry dominated by male superstars, Sridevi made her mark with her big beautiful expressive eyes and that mischievous smile. She was an iconic actress whose ultimate dance performances, amazing acting performances, comic timing and an unmatched connect with the audience will be remembered forever.

It was almost as if she had just had a second breath of life in her path-breaking performances in Mom and English Vinglish movies. With a couple of more movies in the pipeline and her daughter’s debut round the corner, Sridevi had so much more to offer to her fans. The news of her death shocked the entire nation beyond belief.

Life is uncertain and we must learn to live each moment. Sridevi was one person who lived her life with her heart and soul and she truly is an example to all of us. She had a long and illustrious career and a happy married life with two daughters – which leaves us all wondering how she managed to have it all. Here are 5 life lessons we all can learn from her.

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5 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Sridevi

#1. Family comes first

A caring mother and a doting wife, Sridevi stepped away from the limelight completely to give her husband Boney Kapoor and their daughters undivided attention and care. Motherhood was her top priority and she wanted to enjoy it thoroughly!

She loved being a mom which she herself said in many interviews. Not only that, the hands-on mom had kept her daughters away from all the limelight and media scrutiny to ensure that they can live their lives away from media glare.

#2. Dream big

Sridevi didn’t let anyone tell her what a girl is capable of doing. She aimed for the stars and we must admit, she did achieve her goals there!! Sridevi was fond of dancing from a very early age and began her career as a child actor at the age of 4 in the Tamil movie. After this, she made her mark in many other Tamil and Telugu movies, but did she stop there? Hell no!! She also made a huge impact on Bollywood and the entire nation!

#3. It’s never late to begin anew

Even after stepping away from the limelight and having given up her acting career for her family, Sridevi got a second chance to shine and she took it. Now that her daughters are grown up and ready to follow their own paths – Sridevi came back to her calling!

Sadma, Chalbaaz and Mr. India were some of the fabulous movies during her heydays – but she unleashed a new vigour on screen with her recent movies like English Vinglish and Mom. Both the movies were resounding Box Office successes only because of her performances!

#4. Embrace the new

While Sridevi maybe from the “oldie” era – she knew how to use the new tools of the trade. Sridevi was very active on the hottest new social media on the block – Instagram. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 1.45 million followers on Twitter, Sridevi knew how to use the power of social media to her advantage.

#5. Live life on your own terms

When she wanted to quit movies for her family she did that and when she wanted to stage a comeback – she did that as well!! Sridevi kept herself beautiful and updated with the latest fashion trends. She was a style icon of her own making – even at the age of 54.

Sridevi’s dignity and the respect and love she commands will continue to ensure that she lives on in the hearts of her fans. She will always be the Chandni of our moonless nights and the superstar of our generation!

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