20 Best Potty Training Tips From A Real Mommy

20 Best Potty Training Tips From A Real Mommy

Potty training can be the hardest part of raising your baby and new parents are constantly on the hunt for the easiest potty training tips.  When should one begin, how do you teach your child the concept and how to make sure that they stick to it? If you have been grappling with these questions, here are 20 potty training tips for kids from a real mom that helped her get her little one potty training in no time.

Here are 20 best ways potty training tips from a real mom:

#1. Wait for your baby to take initiative

Wait till your child shows interest in potty training. This will happen when they are about 2 years old. Just let them run around naked before they get to their bathtime and encourage them to try the potty. Start by going on the potty without any underpants and when they master that, move to the next step with them on.

#2. Be patient

I thought my little one was ready when she was roughly 26 months old. I would take her to the toilet every 10 minutes if we went out. Then, we worked the time period up to 15-20 minutes until she could pee and poop on her own.

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#3. Watch for the cues

You will know when your little one is about to poop. Make sure you take him or her to the potty when they show the signs and even if it takes a while wait till they are done with their business.

#4. Healthy bribing works

Bribes worked the best with our toddler. We promised her a candy every time she went to the potty and used it “successfully”. If she even tried to clean up on her own, she got incentives. But the latter part does come after they are older and can clean themselves up properly.

#5. Make a game out of it

We would try and see if we could go to the bathroom every hour. We tried this only during the weekends to make this less stressful for us and the little one. A few accidents later, he was able to understand how to use the potty and most importantly, why. Although this may sound absurd, getting my son to stand up and pee was hard.

#6. Make it interesting

We made it into a game and threw in some round cereal like Cheerios into the potty and made him practice hitting the target. Every time he hit one, he got a point and ten points equaled a treat.Praise your little one for everything that he or she does, even if it means using the potty right. Heaps of stickers, verbal praise and applause every time she pooped in the potty kept her motivated to keep at it.

#7. Find out if your baby is scared

Our little one was scared of watching the poop being flushed away, which apparently is quite normal. We showed him kiddie anatomy books and also explained how the tummy works to help him use the potty without any fear.

#8. Try many methods

You have to find the right bribe, really. We figured that playing with a set of toy cars worked perfectly with our son and we restricted it to only after using the potty correctly. This really helped drill the concept in.

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#9. Repeat yourself often

Tell them repeatedly. That is what worked for us. We chose one day every week where our child wore just a T-shirt and underwear all day. If he made a mess, we would patiently tell him to use the potty and just clean it up. Three such days later, he learnt to use the potty.

#10. Use a mini potty

A mini potty to begin with works very well with kids. The big potty can be intimidating. We kept his portable potty in the room that she spent most time in and slowly moved it closer to the bathroom until she went to the regular potty on her own.

#11. Reverse psychology

We always told her that we don’t like using the potty like big girls. And that really got her interested in the potty and made her go to it on her own.

#12. Do it in the morning

This is one of the most common potty training tips and quite an effective one too. Go to the potty first thing in the morning as soon as he or she wakes up. They have to do their business as per their routine and if you can make sure they avoid doing it in the diaper, they really get the hang of the potty.

#13. Ditch the diapers

Skip using a pull up diaper and go on to the big boy or girl underpants directly. These are more uncomfortable when soiled so you can offer the potty as a solution.

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#14. Night training

Try some night training if bed wetting is an issue. Wake your little one up about two hours after he or she goes to bed and take them to the potty training potty.

#15. Go slow

Start with sitting down for the boys. Giving them too may instructions during the potty training phase will just throw them off track.

#16. Tell them it’s hard to clean up

Tell them that it is too much of a mess to clean up. That really worked for me. I told my toddler that his poop was too big to clean and it was time it went in a toilet.

#17. Leading by example works

If your child has a sibling that uses the potty, watching them can be a great way for the child to learn. Even a best friend who uses the potty can motivate your child.

#18. Backwards is forwards

One of the most unconventional but useful potty training tips include letting your child poop the other way. We let our little guy sit backwards on a regular toilet. He felt secure facing the rear of the toilet and it really helped us get him used to the potty.

#19. Use dolls and props

Use dolls and toys to act the potty scene out. From sitting on the potty to cleaning up. Children learn faster when they are able to observe. Play acting is one of the easiest potty training tips you can try out. 

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#20. Never give up

Potty training can be a hard task for both the baby and you. Remember to stay strong and never give up.

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