9 Unique Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender at Home

9 Unique Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender at Home

The first trimester of a pregnancy just flies by, doesn’t it? By the second trimester through- the bump starts showing and so does everyone’s questions and suggestions! Around this time, if you don’t know your baby’s gender, you will probably look for ways to predict your baby’s gender.

Everyone from your parents to the maid will be trying to guess the baby’s gender. “Are you nauseous? It’s definitely a girl! Are you craving ice cream all the time? It’s definitely a baby boy!”

So if you are at the stage where you are looking for signs of a boy or a girl, here are some old wives tales that help you predict the baby’s gender.

9 Fun Ways to Predict Your Baby’s Gender

#1. High or low bump

My personal favorite. Just stand in front of a mirror and observe your bump. If you are carrying your bump high, then it’s time for pink curtains in the nursery. However, if that bump is big and low, then chances that you are carrying a roaring baby boy. Do this test in the third trimester- when your bump is fully grown!

#2. Cravings- Sweet or salty?

Dreaming of pani puri and some chocolate ice cream to go with it? Can’t get cheesecake out of your head? If you crave all the sweets and desserts of the world, then you are in for a gala time with your baby girl. But if all you want are spicy salty chips and desi namkeens, it’s gonna be a boy!

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#3. Got flowy hair?

The old guessing game goes like this- if your hair is lustrous, full of good vibes and strength, your baby boy will soon be born to pull at it. Your hair texture changes during and even after your pregnancy, but if during your trimesters, its limp and dull, chances that you are having a baby girl.

#4. Got glowy skin?

Another favorite that is generally pointed out during the 5th month. Changes in skin color and texture are attributed to the hormonal and psychological changes that you and your body are going through. A boy will give you a beautiful pregnancy glow and a girl will give you oily skin!

#5. Swollen feet

The last trimester can be especially hard on the mother as the back pain goes up a couple of notches and the feet start to swell courtesy water retention. It mostly lasts only for the duration of the pregnancy, but if you foot size changes for life- you are having a baby boy! One of the most famous tips to predict your baby’s gender, it is up to you to believe or not believe in this.

#6. How are you sleeping?

Some women have serious acid reflux in the last trimester causing them to lose sleep. Doctors generally prescribe sleeping on the left to keep the blood flow uninterrupted into the placenta. The good old’ wives say- if you sleep on your right, say hello to a little baby girl. But if the left is best, then a boy is gonna rock your world.

#7. Ringa ringa roses

This one is completely weird! This tale involves a ring, a strand of your hair and your belly. Take a small hair and tie it around the ring like a necklace. Then lie down and jiggle the hair necklace over the bump. If the ring moves around in circles- it’s a boy! If it moves from side to side like a pendulum, then you are in for the cutest baby daughter ever.

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#8. Dream on

Dreams have been the subject of psychology forever and apparently, old wives’ tales can use them to predict your bump’s gender! If you dream of a baby boy, the result will be the opposite and vice versa. Weird, right? Forget the headaches, the cravings, nausea, and the swollen feet- just dream of your perfect baby!

#9. Hips or Bump?

This is one of the most common ways to predict your baby’s gender. If you’re carrying all the extra weight in your bump – out front it can mean that you are carrying a boy. Carrying the weight around your hips indicates a girl. This old wives tale came because boys are usually born larger than girls – therefore your stomach may become slightly bigger. So take it with a grain of salt!

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Sure these tales are crazy, but it’s pretty fun to indulge in these with the friends and family.
No matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, you are in for the ride of your life with motherhood! What fun ways did you use to predict your bumps gender? Share below!!

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