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Hi all! My baby s 5.5 mths old.. He wakes every 2 hrs fr feed at night is it normal? Can ny1 give me tips to make him sleep fr a lill while

3 Answers 992 days ago

If you are giving only breast milk then it is obvious that baby will feel hungry soon. Try to giving some solid food like Ragi cerelac, mashed sweet potato,etc at dinner time.

991 days ago

Give your child something solid to eat for dinner. You may give mashed potato, khichdi or soft chapati or any other food that your child likes, so that your child's stomace is filled. While putting your child to bed, offer a bottle or breastmilk. I think this will make your child have an undisturbed sleep.

991 days ago

Hi..Give your baby some solid food like ceralac etc... Before going to bed...firstly introduce rice flavour cerelac,after completing one pack roast some rice and make powder of it. Take a bowl..Boil a cup of water then add a tsp rice powder..Cook well. Manage consistency as per your baby.. Don't put any sugar or salt before one year..   you can introduce other food same way( moong dal khichdi) etc... So chances of colic, stomach infection problem reduces!!

992 days ago

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