5 Effective ways to prevent dry skin in kids

5 Effective ways to prevent dry skin in kids

Just like in winters, during summers also your child’s skin can become dry and flaky. This is because of the sun, air conditioning, and the chlorine in swimming pools – all which can cause dry and itchy skin in babies and kids.

Summer has come early this year with temperatures already soaring!! Summer vacations are around the corner, and whether you are planning to stay at home or travel – you will need some precautions to ensure that your child’s skin remains soft and healthy.

Playing outside in the early morning sun is good for your child’s overall development and growth. It also helps the body to make Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very essential for a kids bone and muscle growth, boosting immunity and hormone development. Just make sure that your child has a good sunscreen on before stepping out.

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How to prevent dry skin in kids during summer

#1. Keep your child well hydrated

Dry skin lacks moisture and thus becomes itchy. Make sure your child drinks plenty of water to replace the moisture that’s evaporating from his skin. Due to the intense heat, sometimes kids can get a heat rash on the skin, also known as “ghamoria”. It is difficult to get kids to stop scratching, because scratching only causes more inflammation of the skin. It is advisable to use a good dusting powder instead.

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#2. Don’t let salt or chlorine dry on her skin

During summer children love to spend time in the pool. Chlorine water from swimming pools and salt water from sea water – can both be very drying. If your child goes for a swim thoroughly rinse off your child with tap water. Immediately apply moisturizer while her skin’s still damp. And not the skin – your child’s hair also tends to dry up when exposed to too much chlorine, so use a good hair oil to provide nourishment.

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#3. Use a humidifier

Air conditioners, just like heaters tend to suck up all the moisture of the room.If the air in your home is dry, use a cool mist humidifier in your child’s room. You can also think of using a desert cooler which will keep both temperature and moisture at an optimum level.

#4. Put lots of cream and moisturizer

Kids just love to splash in the water during summers, don’t they? It’s difficult to stop them. So let your kiddo enjoy, but once you take your child out of the water, be sure to pat him dry with a towel, then apply face cream and moisturizer within minutes of coming out the water will help to seal in the water that’s still in his skin from the bath.

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#5. Cut back on harsh soaps

Bathing removes natural oils along with the dirt from your child’s skin. If you use very harsh soaps, then this causes your child’s skin to dry up even further. So choose a body wash and shampoo that is gentle on your child’s skin.

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A word of caution:

Summers are fun! Schools are closed and children can relax and spend time outdoors. However, during summers most outdoor areas become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.The exposed parts of children’s skin are the easiest targets and it is not uncommon to find mosquito bite marks on other covered areas as well. So be sure to use an effective mosquito repellent to protect your little one from mosquitoes.

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And if by mistake, you forget to apply the repellent and mosquito bites do happen, then please use this After Bite Roll On for quick relief from itching.