What Our Baby Girl Needs To Know When She Is Growing (2-5 years)

What Our Baby Girl Needs To Know When She Is Growing (2-5 years)

Between the age of two to five years, children become increasingly aware of their surroundings. This is when children also begin interactions with peers and people outside the family such as teachers and other caregivers.

Today, there are some important lessons that we need to teach our kids especially little girls not only to ensure their proper development but also to keep them safe.

There are three aspects to the child’s overall development. Each one is equally important and it is necessary for you to pay complete attention.

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Emotional Wellness

At the age of two, your baby girl will be able to associate emotions with specific situations. As she grows, she is able to manage the emotions she feels. By the age of five, her peers become very important to her.

For the emotional wellness of your daughter, here are some important things that you must teach her:

#1. Safe Exploration

Encourage your daughter to learn new skills and solve problems on her own by allowing her to explore new things and concepts. Offer her books to read and give different toys that influence cognitive development, which in turn improves emotional development. Teach your child about risks and accidents and make sure that you prevent any injuries.

#2. Sense of Security

For daughters, the ability to trust their parents and family is essential. It is the base of all emotional and social development. Be dependable, responsive and consistent in the way you interact with your child.

#3. Self-Confidence

It is a fact that parents have maximum influence when it comes to the child’s self-confidence. Constantly reassure your daughter that she is doing very well and is actually contributing to the task at hand even if she does not win every time. Be part of her activities and visit kindergarten (Children’s Garden) occasionally to show her that you are involved and she matters.

#4. Creativity

Give your girl several activities such as reading, drawing, DIY kits, etc. to encourage creativity. Use stories as a way to enhance not only her imagination but language as well.

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Physical Wellness

By this age, your girl is already walking and is able to enjoy different activities. Motor skills develop rapidly at this age. For girls, body awareness is a concept that you can introduce to the child at this age.

Physical wellness can be achieved with the following:

#1. Exercise

You can enroll her for a dance class; encourage her to pursue athletics, sports or even gymnastics. These activities help the child burn excess energy, improve body awareness and develops important physical skills.

#2. Eating

Talk to your child about the importance of nutrition with books and fun activities. Try to make the healthy food more fun with new recipes or interesting ways of presentation.

#3. Cleanliness

Making sure that your child washes her hands after using the toilet, teaching the right way to brush and bathe daily, washing hands before eating etc. are habits that need to be formed at this age.

#4. Private Parts

Body awareness includes the concept of privacy. Tell your girl that any touch by others in the areas that are covered by her underwear should be brought to your notice. Introduce the concept of good touch and bad touch before the child starts school.

Most schools and play ways use pictorial charts and images to teach acceptable and unacceptable touch to children. The idea is to introduce your child to the concept before she starts interacting with strangers (school helps, peons or senior students) on a daily basis.

You have to build a trust with your child to make sure that she will come to you in case of any unpleasant incident.

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Social Wellness

#1. Interaction

Playdates and opportunities to meet other children even once a week in the early years helps the child develop social and emotional skills. Once your child is ready for school, these initial interactions will help her socialize better and make more friends.

#2. Self-Control

At this age, children tend to be more cranky or fussy. Many times they get out of control and throw things. The best way to avoid such situations is to keep the child occupied through the day, using an array of activities that keep her engaged physically and mentally. Another helpful approach is to help her understand the difference between pleasant and unpleasant behavior. Teach her how her actions may be unpleasant to someone or cause an inconvenience.

For e.g – If she spills water and throws a tantrum she might sound annoying to the neighbor and will add to mommy’s list of chores in the house, or disturb grandpa who needs to rest.

Through such constant lessons, you help inculcate empathy in your child. It is a very important trait to develop in your little girl to make sure she grows into a pleasant adult.

#3. Language Skills

Reading books, listening to music or even watching selected TV shows will help improve your daughter’s language skills significantly.

#4. Toilet Trained

This is necessary for social wellness as any accident in school or public place can be traumatic for your daughter. It is best to start toilet training your girl at about the age of 2-3 years before she starts school.

If we as parents focus on these little things right from the formative years of your daughters, we can surely hope to see them transform into well-groomed and confident young girls one day.

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