10 Things that Babies get from their Dad!

10 Things that Babies get from their Dad!

Your lovely baby is finally here and you can’t help but be amazed by every part of his/her tiny body, isn’t it??
Does he/she has mama’s eyes or does he/she has hair like her dad? Do her lips crinkle when she sneezes just like papa? Check out all the things that babies get from their dads.

The observing and comparing phase never ends, does it? Even though the mother carries the baby in her womb during her pregnancy, babies inherit many habits from their fathers! Isn’t that just a teeny tiny bit unfair? Check out all the things that babies get from their dads.

10 Things that babies get from their dads!

#1. Papa, I am as tall as you!

While that little baby may just be a ball of mush, pretty soon it’s gonna gain height and weight- just like his dad! Your child’s height is largely dependent on the family traits from the father’s side. So if little baby becomes a tall boy, all you gotta do is point and say “you have daddy’s long legs!” Come on, start predicting your toddler’s height, right now!

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#2. Baby’s got dark eyes? Daddy’s got your back!

Most babies are born with brown or black eyes as its the most dominant gene. So if your hubby’s eyes are as dark as the night- chances are your little bundle will have beautiful shiny black pearls too! Even if mommy’s eyes are as blue as the sky- that baby gonna have eyes only from dad!

#3. Blown away by that hair?

Just like the eyes, the hair gene is also controlled by the father. It’s the dad’s dominant genes that give the baby brown and black hair. So, even though your little bub is bald like an egg right now, you can be rest assured that he/she is going to get daddy’s black curls!

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#4. Look, daddy, I got your fingers!

There is a reason why fingerprints are used for identification because they are unique to every individual! Of course, your baby doesn’t have the same prints as daddy, but the genetic imprint shows similarities. Ridges, whorls or lines- the little baby might look like a 90% copycat!

#5. Daddy, you’re so funny

Is dad the joker of the group? Nothing defines him more than his wacky sense of humor? Get ready for double the fun as your baby is gonna inherit his father’s sense of humor! It’s a personality characteristic that is picked up by babies by observing their fathers. Now hopefully the dad has a good sense of humor!

#6. That same face!

Every family has one of those relatives who goes into overdrive with the “who does the baby look like” quotient. While a newborn’s face changes every single day, they get their facial symmetry from the father. Daddy’s got a long nose, the baby may get one too! Does she look like her daddy with her long eyelashes? You bet she does!

#7. Catnapper or deep sleeper?

If mommy snores through the night and keeps daddy awake as he’s a light sleeper, your baby’s gonna have dark circles under his eyes too! Whether it be good or bad sleep patterns, it is inherited from the father. Insomnia or long bouts of peaceful sleep, it all depends on daddy! Hope for the best mommies!

#8. Show me your teeth!

While both parents teeth influence the future teeth health of your little one, if daddy has teeth problems your baby might get them too! Is Papa got cavities? Chances are the baby’s dental health will be full of them too. But if daddy has strong teeth like a horse, then your baby will never have to visit the dentist in his/her life!

#9. Pucker those lips!

Is Dad got big juicy lips? Baby’s gonna have them too! Full lips are part of the dominant gene pool and are more prominent in babies. Imagine your kid has big lips which constantly remind you of the father! Their crinkles, pucker and even movements will be similar to their dad’s!

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#10. Achoo! God bless you!

Baby’s sneezing when he’s in the sun? Does she sneeze often when the bright tube lights are on? Just like the father, your child could be suffering from the Achoo syndrome- Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst. It’s a condition in which the person sneezes when exposed to bright light! It’s legit – we assure you!

Whether he may inherit these qualities from the father or not, you know your bundle of joy is gonna give you the ride of your life!

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